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    Tomorrow take a moment to remember those who made historic trip across the English Channel. D Day June 6 1944. America alone took over 6600 dead and wounded on that day our allies 4000. By Aug 30 1944 casualties were over 200,000, 37000 dead Those of us who have seen combat know the sights, sounds and smells of such a day but only those who were there know that scale of combat. Few of them are still with us. I salute them and all who are still there!!!
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    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!

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    Well said Randy , Thanks . Merle


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      Here, here!!!



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        Yep, well said. My dad was a D-Day guy, landing on Utah Beach.

        In 2015, my wife and I retraced his 'steps' from his landing at Utah, until he got shot and injured in the Battle for St. Lo on July 11th, 1944.

        We also spent some time in London, and went by and took a picture of the building that housed the Supreme Allied Headquarters.

        One of the most humbling experiences was visiting the cemetery at Omaha Beach and seeing over 9,600 headstones on 176 acres...I had quite a lump in my throat for well over a day.
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          I'll sure be remembering those great people. I'm currently reading "The Secret War of WW2" and it always amazes me the sacrifice those made and I still can't get my mind around the magnitude of the effort. The number of planes, ships, dirigibles, landing craft, etc. Stunning numbers. Stunning.

          Memorial Day, June 6, Fourth of July, and Veteran's Day are special in my mind. I do get concerned that the special days are losing their significance as time goes by.

          Glad you posted this, Randy.
          Living among knives and fire.


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            Thanks for p_osting this, Randy!

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              If interested, there are some excellent made movies/series that are worth watching...kind of gives you a somewhat accurate description: "Saving Private Ryan", "The Pacific", and of course "Band of Brothers."
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                Originally posted by Randy View Post
                Tomorrow take a moment to remember those who made historic trip across the English Channel. .... Few of them are still with us. I salute them and all who are still there!!!
                Hi from Belgium

                we will not forget! see news website of Belgian public television in link below great images: first, second and fourth little movie (images tell all, no understandig of dutch necessary : "thank you" and standig ovation of world leaders for veterans wolking on stage, veterans jump again above Normandie and visiting landig sites with compagnie of (their) actual airborne 101 soldiers!

                Peacefull greatings from Flanders fields where we know very well what war (WW I and II) is about ... and thanks for those who sacrificed a lot!


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                  Here is what I think are amazing contrasts to D Day, just click over the image. I think I posted this before but it is so striking it doesn't hurt to do it this appropriate time.

                  Among the family members, one was injured at the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, Jos and thanks for the kind thoughts.
                  Living among knives and fire.



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                    Only the grateful, which I'm one, will remember with the reverence it deserves!!!
                    . . .JoeB


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                      75 years ago this young man left England and after a rough voyage over the English Channel, all 120 lbs. of him drove a truck loaded with munitions in the 3rd wave of the D-Day landing with very simple instructions:

                      "Drive on da beach and keep going. Don't stop. If you get stuck, get da hell out of the truck because a dozer gonna push you outta da way.

                      Well, he did drive on "da beach" and he did keep on going. All da way to Germany via France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

                      And then he came home, got married, and had 2 sons, of which I'm the youngest.

                      My Dad is gone now. But shortly before he died in August 2007, he told me this story. I knew he served during WW II but I never knew what he did until then. I finally understood why he never wanted to talk about his service and why he never wanted to see the movie, "Saving Private Ryan".

                      Thank you Dad. And thank you to all those who also served and accomplished the most amazing feats!

                      Bob L
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                        Every "D Day" I am reminded of one of the unluckiest persons alive. The "Ice Palace" featured in a novel and a hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was on my way to work and I would stop in the basement of the Ice Palace. I became friends with the co-owners. of a small convenience store with wonderful coffee. They were friends who went ashore together at Omaha, fought together the rest of the war and opened the store together afterwards.

                        I asked one of the men about the landing. All he would say was, "It was bad!" Then, pointing to his partner he said, "But, he was really unlucky. He fought in North Africa and was wounded going ashore at Anzio. He got out of the hospital just in time to go ashore at Omaha!"


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                          My Dad was sweeping mines off shore before the invasion took place. Hell of a thing for those young lads to go through, he joined up in 1941 at the ripe old age of 15, and when released at wars end in '45 was still less that 21.

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