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    Before I made the trip to NY I was asked to help dedicate a sculpture for the penguin cove at the Sedgwick county zoo. These bronze sculptures are donated by local groups this one was donated by Envision the low vision center which I do volunteer work for. They are so detailed that you can actually feel the feathers and such which paints a picture in the mind of a blind or vision impaired person. It makes going to a place like the zoo possible for us. It was allot of fun I had to read the braille sign which told about the penguins and where they come from. Lou had a great time watching them everyone said. I think the penguins were just as fascinated with Lou as he was with them. I wasn't told at first that I had to do TV and radio interviews until they had already shoved the cameras and microphones in my face. Here are a couple of the pictures they took me reading the sign and being interviewed by a radio station.

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    Looks like you had a good time doing it, mabye you should DJ. Feb