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A sad day yesterday

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  • A sad day yesterday

    Yesterday we said goodbye to our horse - Reb - and our yellow lab - Tinker.

    Reb was with us for 23 years. First he was my horse and then my wife's. We both spent many good times on him both trail riding and doing other things. His health was failing, so it was time for him to say goodbye.

    Tinker came to us 13 years ago. She got her name because she used to sit down as a puppy - a lot - and it just looked like she was thinking. She was a good dog but always a little bit naughty. Had a few battles with wild animals but always held her own. She will be missed alot.

    Both Reb and Tinker were laid to rest yesterday afternoon around 5:00. It was a beautiful day, and things went as well as could have been expected under the circumstances. The vet did a wonderfully compassionate job as did the excavator who handled the burial. Can't thank them enough.

    Just wanted to share.
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    So sorry, Scott. These fur babies (no matter how big) leave big holes. Losing two at the same time has got to be tough!


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      Dark news like that can bite really hard. I'm so sorry for your 'family' losses.
      Brian T


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        Hi Scott
        It always a hard day when we have to say goodbye to our pets ,been there many times over years,never gets any easier


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          Sad to hear and the loss of animals is a major event in your life...I know. In many ways, we connect more with animals than people and miss them more.
          Living among knives and fire.


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            Wow! 2 members of the family gone in one sorry. I would rather take a beating that have to put a dog down. In fact, growing up, I wanted to be a vet. One of the things that kept me from pursuing that career is the fact I would have to deal with putting dogs to sleep.

            It is sad that they can't go through life with us from beginning to end...


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              Keep your chin up, things will be better in a while.



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                Sad news indeed. It has been 16 years since we lost a family pet, and it was a peaceful passing in her sleep. Now we have two elderly dachshunds and dread that day. Our tender thoughts are with you.


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                  Scott, that is indeed a sad day. In recent years we've lost a horse and two old dogs. It always hurts. They do indeed become loved family members, and their passing leaves a hole in your heart. I feel your pain.


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                    Very sorry for your losses. I've been through this many times, and it never gets any easier.

                    You gave them wonderful and happy lives, of that I've no doubt. I hope that thought eases the pain a little.


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                      Thanks for all of the kind words. It was hard today to concentrate thinking about Tinker and how much I/We miss her. My wife was having a difficult day at the barn with her buddy Reb not there.

                      We give thanks in every circumstance, or at least try to, and remember the good times with both.

                      Thanks again


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                        Scott, so sorry to hear this, trust me I know how it feels to lose a member of our family, and our pets are exactly that.
                        Mark N. Akers
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                          Thanks Mark. I forgot to mention, but if you click on my profile pic that's Tinker laying down next to me. The cat was our beloved barn cat Mr. Sparks. He died about 6 weeks ago. That was a truly awful day.

                          Mr. Sparks used to perch on a glider chair on the deck, and was there every morning during breakfast. He was one funny cat. He hung out with the horses alot, swatted playfully at the dogs whenever they walked by, and always pretended he wanted to come in the house but never would. He often booted the dogs out of their beds and would take over. He would come when you called him, just like a dog. Got along with everyone too. He was a great cat.


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                            It is odd how some cats are dog like. We went to college with a couple that played ball with their cat. Throw and fetch. Mostly a house cat a a bit larger than a typical. We have lost two fine dogs our selves. We are 72 this year. Our first was a farm dog pup - cross of a English Sheep dog (black and white) and Coyote. His paw print showed pointed nails forming an oval in the dirt. He was the main care taker for our son. Constantly with him as he crawled around the house. My dog at home was an Elk Hound and was wonderful. Taught my little brother to walk. Baby would grab his hair and the dog would stand. Then step.


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                              Sad to hear of your losses, Scott!

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