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    I have not been carving, a chain of events has slammed my emotions to the ground. One is my eyesight is going...for an artist needless to say this emotional roll a coaster ride. I have always defined myself with my art. Right now I can do things with a huge magnification...and need to stop with the what-ifs. Plus other new health issues, trips to hospital and test that leave you drained ...yikes. The final straw...a bad story, the neighbor lost three dogs in a dog attack from a pitbull...for some reason,...the blood bath of unresponsible people really upset me. I knew these dogs that got killed. All of it came to a head that part you understand life is what it is ....I have no control. The issue is I can still do art with assistance materials ...meaning do it now before I can no longer. Future is always an unknown. So I am here at a point to carry on in spite of huge obstacles or sit down do nothing, is a matter of choices that I make for myself. So this is the beginning of my climb over the obstacles and do what I can right now. Sitting and staring at the tv that is fuzzy ... does nothing for me but adds to what-if list. I sit here writing this ....with my 200 percent enlargement on words...and I have to admit to myself and to others I need to move in new order to get out of the stuck mode and continue on. I got another painting started for the church and I got other people who are artist willing to help me when needed,... all I got to do is ask. I know there are people here that deal with life on a day to day bases and sometimes all we got to do is admit life is never easy at times. Di reporting to start again a new different way.

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    The forward is our only option, it is going to be different, it has been, but it is better than the alternative! Be strong Di.
    . . .JoeB


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      I cannot imagine losing the "outlet" for one's creative urges, but I have given up some activities I thought essential to me: riding a motorcycle to work, mountaineering, hang-gliding, magazine editor. Hoping things smooth out for you Di.


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        Hi Di , I use Magnifiers to do my Carvings and it is a must if I want to continue Carving , which I do . Must make some adjustments and for me it is worth it , need to do something . You keep using anything that you need to do to continue doing the Beautiful things that you do . Don't give up , keep finding ways to go forward . Thoughts and Prayers are with you Girl . Merle


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          There was a man by the name of Ron Davidson--and that his his forum name--who was active here for a while. Here is a sample of his work:

          I know you'll do your best to keep going. But I figured a little encouragement couldn't hurt. He's still around. Every once in a while I see his name pop up on Facebook.

          Bob L


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            Here's Ron's facebook page:

            Here is Ron's WCI Profile: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...davidson/about scroll down and there is a link to all of Ron's posts. The photos won't be there anymore, but the text is still there.

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              Thank you, Dileon, even if it is the darkest, most discouraging news to read about any artist.
              Now is the time to call for assistance, not later. Take comfort in their concern.
              I hope you soon find a new and fresh creative outlet.
              Brian T


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                Hi Di,
                Sorry to hear about your troubles. You are one tough lady and never cease to amaze me with your determination and perseverance. I can id with some of the things you are going through. Seems like every day is an adventure to see what part me is going to malfunction next. It takes me a while to get used to my limitation because of my stubbornness and pride. I've learned to ask for help when needed and accept help when offered. An attitude of gratitude gets me through most days.
                Di you will be in my prayers.
                Bill K.
                Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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                  Hang in there Di. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


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                    Hey Di, sorry to hear of your sight problems. As Bill said, you are one tough lady with all you have going on. Even tough ladies need to vent once in awhile. And everyone needs help once in awhile. Lucky you, having friends that are willing to help you...speaks volumes for you. Hope you find the path that fits this next phase of your life.


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                      You know the forum is here to help in any way possible. Keep going girl, every attempt is a victory.



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                        Life is full of ups and downs, we think we have control and find out that our control is an illusion. Some obstacles in life are life changing and all you can do is try and figure out a way to survive and overcome. That's the secret, keep trying until you overcome. Never give up.

                        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                          Cheer up Di! Everyday brings a new normal for most of us. Just keep thinking positive!


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                            Geez Di, sorry to hear about the issues but everyone has to battle their own in their own way. You'll find a way to work around them.

                            We had a few pyrographers who were legally blind and did excellent work, in their own way. Just adapted.

                            You will find a way to adjust, I'm sure, and just don't give up!

                            Living among knives and fire.