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Tis the season.

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  • Tis the season.

    I enjoy the season. Singing along with the music seems to put a bounce in step as I navigate the log jam of people in the shops. I am relieved to tell you that I have completed my gift gathering chores and can enjoy the traffic free trips from the house to my shop in the back yard, where I still have some Santa helper duties to preform. The shop will be filled with the music of the season mixed with the aroma of coffee, a gingerbread cookie or two and the smell of fresh cut wood. However we will have to forgo the pleasure of a white Christmas here on the Alabama gulf coast. HO HO HO

    Where ever you are we hope you and yours are enjoying the season!!
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    Since we are agoraphobic recluses, and now with the family scattered, we don't celebrate as we have in the past. Just have memories at this point.

    Have a great one, Randy and look for snow on the weather channel or watch online. Snow certainly adds to the memories.
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      Have a Merry Christmas Randy!


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        Here at 53N, we DID HAVE lots of snow in the trees. 12" = 18" depending on exact location.
        But a south wind blew in and there's just the berms along the streets.
        I'm told that there's at least 10' up top already and hundreds of "sled heads" to flatten it down.

        I have a big living fig tree in my living room. Plan to hang some ornaments in it.

        The solstice can be celebrated everywhere, snow is not a requirement.
        Interesting piece of astronomy. I wish you all every happiness from that moment on.
        Brian T


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          As a fellow Gulf Coast resident and former New Englander, I can say that the bright sunny winter days of the south are extremely preferable to the ice and snow of the north. If Santa wants to visit us he can ring the doorbell like everyone else. And like Woodburner we'll celebrate the holiday with found memories of days gone by.


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            Hi Randy , we don't have Snow either , but we got COLD . It sure is Relaxing to make Chips while the Christmas Music is Playing . Yep I'm back making Chips , I found I needed a Challenge , so went to a Malc Spore Idea . His Designs make my Imagination work . We are Lucky to have our Family within a Mile Radius . Our Grand Kids and Great Grand Kids sure bring out the Spirit of Christmas . Sounds like you are feeling GOOD again and Stick making . Have a Happy and Merry Holiday . Merle


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              From the sunbelt of Canada (although we are having a dose of rain, sleet and snow this morning) season's greetings to all the good little carvers out there who comprise Santa's helpers. May the chips be with you.