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  • Make Lemonade!

    Make Lemonade!
    It is a sour time. And prudent choices are surely called for. But we are fortunate to have skills that will fill our hand and challenge our creativity. Something positive we can do while the Country is adjusting to the present challenges. Many of the activities that would normally interfere with our carving time, like sports, work, and school and so on may be on hold for a while. Hopefully not too long! Having something to focus on other than news that we cannot control, we can just do our part. Maybe we can spend this time shaping that piece of wood in front of us and introducing those with us to the fun in our activities. We all know it is best to work with the flow of the grain when we can. Going against the grain is much harder and less productive. We have to work with the wood we have not with the wood we would have rather been given. And fallowing the rules of good safety we are less likely to require medical help. I know this is a simplistic analogy but it works for me. Give it some thought and stay well!!
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!

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    I suspect that I am not the only one in this crowd who they are talking about when they say that the "elderly" are at high risk. I do take a bit of offense when they define "elderly" as "60 or over" -- that's kinda young in my book. But whatever. I plan to stick around the house for a while. Catch up on some doodad projects I have been thinking about but haven't even started.

    Went out and bought a corned beef tonight. Store shelves are getting kinda bare, but there was plenty of corned beef. I guess folks don't think of that as an emergency necessity. Luckily there were a few cabbages left. Had to buy organic potatoes - the non-organic ones were all gone. But I have the fixin's for St. Patrick's Day. Will do the corned beef in a crock pot - that usually works out well.

    Got my kevlar glove. Hopefully I won't need any stitches. If I do, I have superglue. This is earthquake country (western Oregon) so we keep a good supply of necessities in a 35 gallon barrel in the garage. Mostly dehydrated trail food. So we are pretty much prepared for worse than I suspect we are currently facing.

    Be safe!
    HonketyHank toot toot


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      Life has never given me lemons.
      A long list of other things related to incredibly, brutaly, stupid people but never lemons.
      They may become the reason that I need to withdraw for a month.

      Even away up here at 53N, our little hospital is developing a virus protocol.
      I never thought that I'd see the day.

      Just as long as I don't whack my self with the crooked knives and adzes
      that I have been writing about here in WCI, me and Heidi-cat ought to see this through.
      Brian T


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        Well said Randy. Nothing like going to the basement and carving for a few hours to get ones mind off any type of problem.
        I've gotten to the point where I dread to watch the news on tv now. I realize this virus thing is very serious and wide spread, but it's my opinion that the tv networks are only making it worse by their sensationalism. I've said for years there should be such a thing as " A Good News Network" with nothing but positive, happy stories.
        If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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          I'm in the process of carving a few Comfort Birds to give out, appropriate for the time I think.


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            Sister in the profession of infectious disease worked the last two pandemics, told me two weeks ago that I needed to lock down and do not go into the outside world. So I have been major busy in order to do that one. I am among the immune-compromised.

            I worked in the field of hospital safety for a long time, we had to learn mass causality preparedness for the hospitals so I had major training in disasters of every kind including pandemics. I been watching this one from when it was a baby in China, due to major concern. In my opinion from research deep in science and virology every day, ....this is going to be tons worst ....there is no hype, just millions and millions of people in denial. Honestly wish they tell the public the truth, this is going to get worse and really bad, unless she fizzles out ...then we will have to get ready for the next wave unless it dies....which I will be out in the streets doing the snoopy dance if it disappears like a tornado in the sky....until then it is oh s*** this is the real deal, move my rear end (which I do not want to do) and just do the drill and stop my complaining. History of pandemics is nothing to take lightly but I believe from watching this darn thing, we are going to get the hit of the pandemic of century.

            Panic and reactive, no. Proactive yes, I am getting ready to lockdown, and I am not a happy camper about it. This means a major change of life for me, no more church, no more senior gathering, no more stores unless I am dressed in my spacesuit.

            Plus being alone means major taking care of everything. which I can still do. I have about years worth of work to do around this house, gardens need plants, walls to paint, fence to build, plus tons of hobbies to keep me busy, plus my art, carving and more...... It is time to get into serious carving until this disappears which I think will be the next two years. My plans to be better than the last carving. I am getting prepared to weather this storm plus pray a hurricane does not hit me also this year....but whatever..... life is, what is.

            Like Wayne, I have major destress program, mainly because I continue major research into science and medicine in this area, as scary as that is lately. I have a de-stress program that only includes happy movies, calming music, and lots of hugging fur babies plus super peace mediation. I turn on the news and am screaming Liar! at the TV, that can be heard on the whole mountain...turn that crap off until I watch it zero reactions...LOL

            Am I panic.. nope as I know how to manage lifes bombs...LOL Not even worried about me, but major worried about my children and family and friends with prayers that they will wake up and get ready also....right now we are in the middle of a major pandemic which is growing like fire around the world. Everyone out there please stay going to be the ride of our lives soon, if this does not fizzle out fast..... I got three more days before the complete lockdown. Times say ...I need to keep my warrior panties on.

            Lemons I grow worries, ... Oh yea I do not hoard toilet paper...I have organic leaves for sale at ten dollars a bag. smile.
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              Well said Randy.
              Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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                I truly believe the comedian Ron White said it best...
                ”When life hands you lemons?, find a friend with vodka”!
                Not necessarily my advice or the best advice, I just find that.... well... a whole lot better than lemonade, and funnier...