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    I am 75 years old and for as long as I can remember the healthcare community has been saying that as individuals we need to be prepared for the inevitability of a pandemic situation. That it was not a matter of if but when. Like many of us I THOUGHT YES, I NEED TO DO THAT. But, at last, I forgot. I live in a hurricane prone area and would not think of not having that three day supply of essentials ready and waiting for the next hurricane. It never crossed my mind that the president of any political party was responsible for filling that box of hurricane supplies. God knows I have heard the warnings of a pandemic for years yet I did not set in a month or so supply of masks and sanitizers or toilet paper. That’s my bad, not the sitting president’s problem. But he is faced with trying to help all of us who neglected own responsibility to be prepared despite all the warnings. It is sad and makes me angry to see our politicians trying to make others responsible for my failure to heed the warnings. I am grateful for the work our government is trying to do the help. It was only late December when we heard there was a corona virus and it was thousands of miles away. It has only been about 90 days. And less than that since it has hit our shores. In looking at the numbers I could find about a 3rd of the 300,000,000 + million people in our country, Nurses make up 2.56 per million and there are about 750,000 Doctors, that’s about 100,000,000 people, give or take. The capacity of the health care medical suppliers is set to meet their needs plus some for large emergencies like hurricanes. So now there is a demand for 2/3 more production than they are geared up to produce. And we want them to do that in a few weeks. Not a realistic demand. Those of us who did not heed the many decades of warning will have to deal with our choices until help arrives. I am grateful for the work being done to inform us how to minimize the risks of the getting the virus while they are looking for answers. Maybe a reduction of hording and help others who need it is a good place to start coming together as a nation to fight this issue and save the finger pointing for where help can be given.
    Just a thought from a old Marine Veteran.
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave!

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    It's reasonable to assume the worst. That you are on your own. That you won't see any help from outside.
    Too bad but that may be the truth of it.
    Best case seems to be to try to slow down the advance so it does not overwhelm the health case system like in Italy.
    We are all in the same boat and there are no extra paddles.
    Brian T


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      Well, Randy, I have always been obsessed with disaster precautions and now we are in an area of a possible 9.0+ quake. So I am stocked up with ammo, masks, bandages, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, water filtration, water, bourbon, etc. Sadly we can shelter in place and don't mind doing so...although an inconvenience.

      Regardless of this crisis, it is a disaster with unknown consequences. The president is sure taking charge.
      Living among knives and fire.


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        I spent many years backpacking into wilderness areas, and always assumed that I was responsible for my group's needs and safety. It helps in this situation to determine essentials vs desires. It reminds me of a time my wife & I were camped on an island in a lake on the South Island of New Zealand. Another couple paddled up in a kayak. The first thing they asked was "Do you have any toilet paper?" We did, and they were rescued from a terrible situation.


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          Semper Fi Randy. You said it well.
          Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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            . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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              Well said, Randy. In years past I was always prepared . . . both my home and vehicles. These days, while I keep ample supplies, it seems with age I became a bit more complacent.

              The hoarding is out of hand, though. Panic sets in and people go nuts. They fail to realize that they need enough supplies to get by, but never so many that they prevent others from acquiring the same


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                Clamp-down here this week. Strict grocery store rationing (eg 1 x 12 TP limit).
                Next grocery store is 90 miles away so relax.

                It's gone on here every week for many years. The grocery store allowed it to happen. Just money to them.
                Isolated groups buy ALL the flour and their conscience does not bother them at all. Like an ant hill.
                The store has finally smartened up. They have maybe been warned flat out to do right by the small folks.

                In self defence from these jerks, we all have had to do some hoarding all the time.
                Brian T


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                  Good one, Dileon!

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