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    My Frien's, Whooping Hollow Woods is now closed ~ except for FedX, UPS and USPS who will be leaving packages at the mail box or front door. The "road" Whooping Hollow Entrance.jpg ends in out front yard isolation'.JPGThe nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away and only 3 residences in the mile to the pavement.

    Friday I made the trip to the Audiology Department of Ferrell Duncan Clinic in Springfield, MO for my new hearing aids. The staff were in masks, doors automatic opening ~ about as safe as possible. The next "necessary" outing from the Holler will be in about a month when Diana will have to go to the "drive up" window at the pharmacy. The next scheduled medical appointment is in May and can be put off for a couple of months without repercussions. Thursday, the National Park Service woke up to the fact that the "computer folks' and a few others can "tellawork" from home. David (IT tech) at Buffalo River is now working from home, We are a quarter mile from the nearest residence and the road ends in our front yard. Isolation is good!

    It has never ceased to amaze me that woodcarving is such a solitary activity and, yet, woodcarvers are generally such a gregarious lot. Do I carve in public to detract from my "waiting" time or is it because the only thing that attracts folks faster than woodcarving is a new puppy? I admit ~ it is both. I love talking about woodcarving and if "they will not come" then I happily carve alone.

    I don't believe I will be uttering the usual lamentation of retirees ~ "there's not enough time to get things done!" Yesterday, I sat down at my carving area ~ looked around at the "in progress for a year or better" carvings and ~ That many! There's the Barn owl, 2 foxes, moose antler ~ then thought of the ones in the "to finish" box otters, eagle with fish, aborigine bust, soapstone fetish ~ at least 5 roughouts around somewhere ~ three pieces of wood, including redwood burl P9090011.JPG with cougar design, basswood blocks waiting for dancing grizzly and polar bear just sitting there.

    That should be enough to keep me busy ~ Uh Oh! Still need time for my "porch garden". Sixteen half barrels to be planted. I do have my tomatoes, and a bunch of herbs in small pots to go out when threat of frost is over. They will accompany the 45 early sugar peas I planted last weekend. ****, also still need to cut down the locust trees that are blocking my view of the pond by the house.

    Self imposed, forced or just cooperating with medical community advice ~ confinement at home is not a bad thing! Did not miss fall.jpg Life is good in Hoopin Holler.

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    Not a bad thin at all confinement and isolation, we are a couple of miles from our nearest neighbor. and contentedly carving


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      Dang it we have too many people around, we use to live on a dead end gravel road 10 miles from a small town. I can appreciate what you have MR. Paul, after really looking where you live, I am so envious haha. But what you have lined up. Sounds great. Thanks for the great views..
      Chuck in Oregon
      Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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        Thanks for your reflections on this self-imposed confinement. Even here in the cities or towns, we are dealing with the separation. Yesterday I had a delightful phone conversation with a friend - a microbiologist - from a now inactive singing group. He was upbeat in spite of caring for his 86-yr-old mother who has survived six prior bouts with pneumonia. We both felt amazingly uplifted by the conversation. It's a better use of our time than watching the dreary news.


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          Thanks for the news, Paul. I don't know why but for some reason your photos reminded me of a video I made a few months ago. There are some flubs in it and the pros do play it faster, but what the heck.

          Rocky Road to Dublin:
          HonketyHank toot toot


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            You are a very lucky man Paul. I too live in a rural area, but not quite as secluded as you or Herb, but I count my blessings every day.
            stay safe my friend...
            If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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              Always enjoy your post, Paul.
              . . .JoeB


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                images (2).jfif“The order is a stay at home, work at home order will start today at 4:30 on the islands. All individuals living on the island of Oahu are ordered to stay at home and work at home except for essential activities, For the next six weeks. I know some people will not listen to this and we will have the national guard out with their guns for enforcement just like when the volcano blew last year. Anyone coming into the islands on Thursday has to go into a 2-week quarantine.

                I was in self-isolation, but tell you the truth the enforced laws make this more real. The silence in the islands is starting to create a weird spooky feeling in the air. I worry deeply for a family in medicine plus a friend is working in coronavirus hospital in Boston. I am working my rear end off...getting a garden up and major list a mile long of things to do. Good thing I learn young was to work really hard.

                I am used to isolation being an artist...I am very happy in my shop locked away from the world. Not too sure how I feel with laws threaten to lock you up for a year, or more if you go somewhere other then the grocery store or to the doctor. Being alone I am although extremely grateful for the 30 years of heavy karate training in my younger years. It has helped me major in the past and I am sure the wisdom will carry me through anything life has to throw at me.

                While the world complains bitterly about toilet paper and mask and soon to be food. Plus now their freedom to do what they want. I am making all of them on my own. It pays to understand wiping your rear end for the last thousands of years, does not come from the store. Life in the world of creative solutions is awesome as I burrow down into my own world of life as an artist....

                Things are getting really real. Stay safe and sound all of you.
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                . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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                  Finally! There is a use for kale.

                  I enjoy getting out and driving around on nice days even if it's only a trip to the dump with garbage.
                  Wave to people I know is as close as we usually ever got in the best of circumstances.

                  I guess I'm at considerable risk as I have a med appointment M,W & F all the time,
                  if nothing else goes wrong then it's every day. Just finished a spell of that.
                  I wish I had the choice.

                  I'd be quite happy to stay in except for groceries.
                  Like Dileon, I have a long list of things that needs doing and another list of things that I want to do.
                  Being able to walk, even the stairs and around the house, is quite the delight.
                  Brian T


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                    We have home delivery of groceries here as well as some restaurants that have changed modes to home delivery or curbside delivery. Not being able to get out and look through the bakery section of the market caused me to try something on my own: Bear Claws.

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                      Originally posted by Claude View Post
                      We have home delivery of groceries here as well as some restaurants that have changed modes to home delivery or curbside delivery. Not being able to get out and look through the bakery section of the market caused me to try something on my own: Bear Claws.

                      I guess they're almonds on those Bear Claws,...... for a moment I thought they were basswood chips....
                      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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                        Hopped holler looks like a great place to hold up Paul. Our holler is just under a 1/4 acre not at all scenic. But the view out the shop window has nice looking azaleas. I hope you all fine a positive view!
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                        We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                          We are on lockdown in the islands, which I was adjusting to pretty good. Then NOAA blasted radio sounds off. Tsunami watch, first wave at 10:45 pm at night. I am muttering,... all we needed now is a darn tsunami in the middle of a pandemic. Time to get ready to run up the mountains with my load of bug out gear packed in the car. My sons are calling and we all are preparing....then it is canceled. Get the crap out of the car...time. I have a level of exhaustion that comes with times of chaos. Back to the shop today....hopefully mother nature will behave itself today.
                          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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                            Quarantine ain't so bad for us carvers, not much different than regular days. Still winter up here in the North Woods of New Brunswick, we hunker down for the winter mostly anyway. Still 3 feet of snow in the yard and the river is still frozen bank to bank, and fresh snow last night. My Grandkids have given me a list of what each would like recently, so I have plenty to do and plenty of wood stored so I wouldn't run out any time soon.

                            I'm glad to see your post Paul, I've been thinking about you and wondering how you've been doing. Give my regards to Diana and stay safe and well my friend.

                            Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.