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  • Sharing a thought.

    It is not the sheltering in pace that bothers me. It is being told to. I am retired and spend most of my days in my small workshop in the back yard. I get out just a few hours a week to run errands and meet with friends now and then and I never feel cooped up. But being required to stay in my yard, even if it is by circumstance rather than a gate or guard is very aggravating. I do not like the loss of freedom of movement although I know it is in my best interest to make that choice. I struggle with my need to take control rather than using the common sense the good Lord blest me with to be prudent in my choices. For now there aren’t any real answers for the foreseeable future to the current situation we all find ourselves dealing with. What relief I have found has been in reach out to friends and family by phone and on the computer. While it would be wrong not keep up with what is happening, watching the never ending doomsday press may make me sicker than the virus. I limit my exposure it also by limiting myself too no more than local news twice a day. We can argue the reasons why but the truth is the world was caught flat footed. And it will take time to mount a workable response. If you have ever been in combat and had to wait for a response by others to help you out you know what is means to adapted and over come. You do the best you can with what you have and help others when you can. That is the only chance you have to still be standing when help arrives.
    God Bless and Simper Fi.
    An Old Marine
    We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi

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    These are indeed troubling times and since the choice is attending a lot of funerals or staying home?Me I’m look forward to a great year yet to be this year. I’m here with my wonderful wife. My nephew has invited to go on a fishing trip this summer. My golf game is headed in a good direction. No one I know is sick. I’ve a huge pile of wood waiting to be carved and two consignment orders waiting to be done. I may even get laid tomorrow. I was just reading a Louis L’amour novel and nobody is rustling my cattle and the native Americans aren’t after me. I’m not worried about my draft lottery number anymore. Things could certainly be better but there’s a lot of good in my life.


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      I gotta agree with Ed, ...... things are bad , but they could be a lot worse. I also agree with Randy,.... I don't mind staying home, I just don't like to be told that I have to stay home. So far we are very fortunate in my area of the Province, no reported cases of Covid19 but in the central portion there are around 100 cases so I suppose it's just a matter of time. We (the wife and I) try to stay busy and fortunately we both have hobbies and lots of materials. We were laughing about it the other day , wondering if she had more quilting material stashed away than I had basswood........ I think I'm ahead of her in that area, but then again she's got cloth hid everywhere . We are also very fortunate to live in a rural area and we can go for a walk without worrying about the social distancing thing ( still dependent on the weather up here but you can dress for that). One thing that i feel is really unfair is, the price of gas has dropped to its lowest level in years and now we're told not to go anywhere........but it is what it is! We've gone through crap before and we've survived and I'm sure we'll survive this one too. There's no doubt in my mind that the world will never be the same once this passes , in the same way 911 changed the way we interacted and responded to each other but we will adapt.
      Just my .02 cents worth (and that .02 Canadian which right now ain't worth a heck of a lot..)
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        I think that as intelligent, patriotic, compassionate, caring people, we all agree that............


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          Whilst all of those have been "stuck" to the worrisome tube. I have avoided it, and refuse to be downed by the medias relentless bombarding of how many have passed. Which is sad ofcourse. And no one has been keeping track of our daily loss of our older Veterans passing, our present solders being injured and being killed in foreign lands, and even how many car wrecks are killing people all over our wonderful country. Not to menton suicides.

          So my fellow carvers and wood workers I feel we need to be determined to take care of our selves, As a long time ago, my Mother told me to "Take care of your self, otherwise you cannot take care of anyone else" She also said" Whatever happens, is for the good for some thing" and I had also questioned that statement..

          I have a feeling, for all I have met both in this group albeit not personally, but as in conversationally,and also in my local group. We just lost one of our own due to that hideous cancer.
          We just have to keep up a cheer and laugh at each other and wish each other good tidings,,as I do here.

          Please all do take care be safe as possible. Those of you that haven't gotten out, Get out and get some air.
          And above all keep in touch with each other, boy do I ever get on.
          And Thanks Randy for bring this up..
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          Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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            We all like to think we should have the right of self-determination. But think about it. Someone told you that you have to drive on your own side of the highway. What happens if you don't? Perhaps you and the other driver get killed. This is that kind of situation. I wish you all good health and freedom from anxiety.


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              I don't find the isolation requirement to be too bad, being a carver certainly helps. The time passes and I don't mind being alone, except for my wife and dog. As long as the wood holds out I'll be fine. I do miss talking to folks here and there, a normal feeling for someone who enjoys talking to folks, but not overly onerous. These are unusual times folks, we need to follow the rules like never before, because failure could cost someone their lives or that of a loved one. Patience is a virtue, but currently it is a necessity. Stay safe and at home, until this plague passes.

              Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                "Do the best you can with what you have", you've said that right, Randy, it is the key. I am thankful I have a yard to walk in, and can walk in it without assistance. I don't live in an apartment, I am glad I live in a small town, I am able to drive when I should need to without assistance. I am retired so I don't have to worry about being furloughed from my job and I am not raising young children. I am in good shape, better than a lot of people, and if I can't work with what I've got, then shame on me. I am also thankful for curb side pickup for groceries, for finally learning how to manage things on line (I'm a computer bone head), and for my hobbies!


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                  It is week four hunker down in my home. In most areas everywhere I got blasted by those whining, blaming, and shaming....within turn makes me do the same. It is time to turn that one around for myself. I am grateful for the roof over my head and I own it. I am thankful that I got zero debts. I am blessed I have food in my house and my animals to keep me alert and I have them to talk too...LOL. I am happy that it is pouring rain on my new planted gardens. I am happy as a cow in the stall out of the storms of life in my shop. I am super happy for my mass amounts of wood and tools which will keep me busy until end of time. Zero regrets today....for all that I bought over the years Times like these sure make you appreciate the most simple things of life, sure most people, in the end, will be better people because of it all. Even the birds in the trees are louder, singing their songs.
                  . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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                    I am a member of the British Stickmakers Guild and have been in contact with some of the members there. For the most part they are saying and feeling the same things about what it is like for them. We are all in the same mess.
                    We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                      Here in the very center of Kansas, we just received the news there is the first confirmed case in our county. I am a banker, so I am working in an 'Essential Business' as noted by our Governor, so I have to be at work.

                      I am cautiously optimistic that this thing will pass, but one thing I am certain of, the spirit of the American worker and the American people will prevail. The worst thing that I can see happening is the people that have been displaced by business shutdowns getting discouraged. The quicker we can get everyone back to work safely, I think optimism will improve.

                      I certainly like seeing what is going on in the world, and I am by nature a very positive person, but I have almost stopped watching the news channels.

                      I have been catching up on painting on my carvings, and working on losing weight! I have lost 30# since January, and have been enjoying walking with my wife every evening and spending time outside doing stuff.

                      Kind of like how I grew up in the 60's and 70's before cell phones and 300+ channels of nothing to watch on the TV!

                      Everyone stay safe!


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                        And one of the things I keep telling my wife (she is the medical director for our regional jail) this will soon change. We may never return to “normal” but I’m hoping the “new” normal will allow more people to be more thankful for what we have and what we will be able to do.
                        Some have learned to be a family unit again, some have learned that meal prep at home beats the hustle and bustle of dining out. I’m really glad about eating at home, the takeout window in my car has been wonky for a couple of months and I’m just glad to be having regular meals.
                        if the lack of seed packages at my local hardware store is any indication, people are going back to what we were taught.... self sufficiency.
                        I too am staying away from the media hype.... almost wish there was some good old fashioned political mudslinging again... not really, glad that is not 24/7 like it was...
                        Isn’t it nice to immerse yourself in a block of wood, anxiously awaiting that ever elusive.... perfect chip?
                        Chin up, keep the faith, check on the ones close to you, they may want to appear ok.... you know them best. Me? I’m taking the time to SHARPEN!!