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Fun with Wind Storms

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  • Fun with Wind Storms

    A couple of pix from my last few days. Big storm hit Monday . . . 90 mph winds (and likely an F0 twister to boot . . . judging by some of the twisted up trees). Took out my 50 x 30 shed, trees, fence . . . and scattered lumber and tin for 3/4 mile. No power or phone for 50 hours. The dog and I were headed to the basement when I saw the shed roof fly by the kitchen window. Truly Wizard of Oz stuff

    My house, just 100 feet from the shed, thankfully had zero damage. Well, the basement did flood (no power = no sump pump) so am awaiting the HVAC guy now to check out my furnance and water heater (which were partially submerged).

    Back to normal now . . . and have the worst of it chainsawed up. Thanks to a neighbor with a skid-steer, most of the debris has been relocated to the depths of a distant fence row.

    I will have lots of walking stick material. One tree that is down (no pictures . . . my camera ran out of batteries) is a 100' oak. I counted at least 50 potential sticks on it. Trunk is massive.
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    Glad to hear you and the dog made it through the fun and games. When I lived in SE Colo. saw what those twisters can do, along with the server weather and hail that can accompany them
    . . .JoeB


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      Hi, Ron , Glad to hear you came thru without Personal Damage . Merle


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        Glad you and dog are safe and that your house didn't suffer damage. The main thing is your safety and of course, and the upside is the wood. Tools and woodworking stuff OK?

        Keep safe Rontana.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          WOW!!! I was just about to complain about the snow here in Western NY.....never mind!!!

          Glad you are OK!


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            Thanks all . . . Hugo the dog and I are fine . . . and have most of the worst of the mess cleaned up (my chainsaw got a work out). Waiting on the claims adjuster (so many claims around here that they're projecting 5-7 day wait). Furnance in the basement is okay (the basement flooded) but water heater is shot. Should be insured

            Luckily, some years back I converted the 1-car garage that's attached to the house into a workshop. Most of my tools are in there, so all that was safe.

            This is the third one of these I've ever experienced firsthand . . . really . . . one was more than enough.

            That said . . . in every instance I've considered myself VERY lucky, both in terms of the personal and the property


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              Glad to hear you and your dog are safe!

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