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  • Fly other obsession!

    When I am not carving, I am figuring out how to get more fishing in! Took up fly fishing a couple of years ago, and am still learning, but I also enjoy tying my own flies.I have learned how to tie jigs for regular rods and is a jig that is deadly on crappie and white bass...1/16 oz jig head, feather tail, silver tinsel, and black flecked chenille...
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    TB as much as I love fly fishing I just never got any pleasure from tying. So my hats off to you. Hope you find the big ones.
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      I have several friends that are deeply into fly fishing and tying flies. I personally lost interest in fishing when I could reach under rocks and catch them with my hands. This was on a mountaineering trip in the Sierra Nevada in the early 70's.


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        Too bad it's such a solitary pursuit. But it beats TV just about any time.
        I really like watching the fish rise to a dry fly. 6" rainbow or an 18# steelhead.

        I think that I'd really enjoy Crappie fishing, just hand lining in the shade over the side of the boat.

        Obviously, you can tie a well finished fly.
        Next thing to ponder is building your own rod. It ain't rocket science.
        Brian T


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          I also am a fly fisherman and tie my own flies. Here's one I did: Also, if you are a fly fisherman, and haven't tried a furled leader yet, you really need to. Furled leaders have no "memory" and are very limp. Here's an article I wrote about it many years ago:

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            Nice looking fly and better than my attempts many years ago. I used to like fly fishing a lot but as my joints got arthritis I gave it up.

            Do you carve lures? Something I always wanted to do and making something practical and catching fish is appealing to me. You?
            Living among knives and fire.



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              Woodburner: as gross as it sounds, I did carve a bunch of really deadly wooden lures.
              Northern Pike (Esox lucius) are very fond of eating baby ducks. So I carved baby duck lures.
              Big treble hooks for feet. Eagle Claw 9' Granger casting rod. Ambassadeur 7000 with 30lb line.

              The pike would come in with a Vee-shaped wake on the surface.
              Northern Canada, we could have a big fish fry shore lunch ready in 20 minutes.

              Tie up a few long streamers or bucktails on #8 3x long hooks and fish for pike on the fly.
              Brian T


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                Thanks for the comments, guys! Claude, I will have to read your article on the leaders...looks interesting!

                I have not carved any lures, but we used to have a member here, ALArchie that used to carve some pretty cool lures. I think he also wrote an article for WCI.

                Brian, I have a HS classmate that runs a guide service at Ely, MN, at the Boundary Waters near Canada. He has invited a couple of us up to fish for a week... haven't taken advantage of his hospitality yet, but think that might be in the cards in the next couple of years!


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                  I tried a few Brian but quickly I discovered it was more fun fishing. However, I can see whittling some while waiting for fish strikes... but I was younger and impatient then. Today I'd enjoy it though.
                  Living among knives and fire.



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                    Good plan, WB. Seems to me that the very best and biggest fish strikes are always when I have
                    my hands full of some other project that's hard to quickly put down. Must remember to take carving things.
                    Brian T