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Volcano eruption welcome the New Year

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  • Volcano eruption welcome the New Year

    Here we are going again another eruption, two years it has been quiet....until now.
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    One of these days all these idiots that run-up to the volcano to watch is going to get Barbequed....
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      Volcanoes are pretty to observe at a distance, but sure wouldn't want to be too close. Some people are just idiots and they seem to have a death wish.
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        Wow Dileon, yes I'm watching on the news,pray your a safe distance from it.
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          The eruption is still going strong but has “stabilized,” posing no immediate threat to the public.

          One growing concern: The threat of vog or ash drifting into communities downwind of the crater.

          On Tuesday, the state Health Department said there is a chance of increased vog and sulfur dioxide levels as the eruption continues and urged those with respiratory problems to prepare.

          Those sensitive to vog should consider reducing outdoor activities and seek medical care if issues arise.

          On that note, I do not live on the big Hawaii island, but 200 miles away on Oahu. The only threat we have is the earthquakes from the volcano action can create a tsunami. So that NOAA radio may be blasting me out of bed again with their tsunami warning systems every time there is a big earthquake which can happen often.
          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di