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  • Avalanche

    Here we go again.
    If you go outside for some snow fun in the hills and mountains, please dress for it.
    I do not mean clothes.

    Slide was just 100m wide x 200m long. Been much smaller ones here kill people.
    Two snow bikers, no Avalungs and no beacons, not found until daylight today. Dead.

    For more than 2 weeks now, there's been a wide warning about a weak layer 60-100 cm down that makes even gently slopes above the tree line very vulnerable to avalanche. The natural ones are done. What happens now is commonly set off by people cutting a slope and the whole side lets go.
    Brian T

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    I just came back in the house from taking a look outside. For the life of me I couldn't find any snow and definitely no signs of an avalanche!


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      It's no longer considered fashionable to ride without an Avalung and a functioning beacon. Nobody wants to be anywhere near the loose cannons. Outside of Valemount, they have an arch gateway that detects your beacon (you never turn it off) and show a green GO light.

      We get a lot of flatlander tourists from east of the Rockies. Covid has shut down a lot of their entertainment avenues at home. So they act like super spreaders over here. Not welcome and many know that. Their abject lack of mountain experience kills them.
      Does not matter how many avalanche awareness course are run, "it'll never happen to me."
      There's a free online past to the courses, then a field school for a couple of days about snow pits, weak layers, snow metamorphosis over time and so on. I'd do it all, just out of curiosity.

      In the meantime, I'm fishing for a night shift ride in the trail-grooming machine. Tucker, Pistenbully, I don't know what they run (kind of all look the same to me).
      Brian T


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        At least you have snow. We have a skiff of ice. A person could break their neck, but that is about it. Going to be a tough year for water.