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    Originally posted by Randy View Post
    Cataract surgery is my next dance with the doctors. I have put it off about as long I can. I have a few things I need to finish in the shop before I am side lined for a few weeks.
    Randy: I had to wear a plastic patch on my eye for 24 hours, then just at night for 2 weeks. After the first day, I could see just fine anything over 3 feet away. I could even use the computer by leaning back in my chair and changing the browser minimum size font a couple notches bigger. I was unable to read much, such as a book, or my phone, until my wife suggested I try a pair of her old reading glasses from the pharmacy. I think 2.25 diopter... Amazing - I could read again!! Now just waiting for my fancy paint...
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      I had cataracts and they were removed though some surgical process. Major difference in eye sight and I got it done. Well worth it and would suggest folks have it done...especially the "old" people.
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