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  • Oops

    I've been trying to improve my carving skill for the ears. Draw, the carve. To layout the ear I've been using gouges of different numbers/curvature. I've been at it for about1-1/2 weeks, but Sunday the #5-11 wasn't as Sharpe as I wanted. To sharpen my gouges, I use a piece of basswood, which I carve the inside & outside of a gouge into the wood, add my stropping compound to the wood cutout & away I go.

    Well, I did have a channel made up for the #5-11, no big deal just add some more groves. Was about just doing some refining, when oops. 10 stitches later

    Guess I'll be practicing my ear improvement by just drawing for about 10days. Right now the pressure of trying to hold anything in my left hand∙∙∙∙

    In the third picture you can see the block I was working on.
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    . . .JoeB

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    Ooooh! Heal quickly!


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      Hope you heal up soon and thanks for reminding me. This is why I use a carving vise. Even for small projects.


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        ouch!!!..... looks like your dr. is pretty good at doing needle point .
        Hope you heal up quickly.
        If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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          First of all I would like to express my sympathy and wish you a quick and residue-free healing.

          I had a similar accident some time ago so I decided to buy a pair of gloves. I searched for a long time and found some that are resistant to cuts and also to stings. I use them often and every now and then I was very happy that they protected my hands.
          These gloves have a very tight fit and do not affect my sense of touch.
          My gloves have the standard EN 388 4X34F
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            Hi Joe , WOW! you sure did a God Job on that Finger . Hope you don't loose the use of the Finger . I lost the use of my same Finger, got it tangled up in a Gear . Hope you Heal Quickly . Merle


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              Ouch! I feel your pain! Literally!


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                That's a bad one, Joe. Hope it heals well.

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                  That's a very vivid lesson to all of us.
                  Question: Was this hand holding the honing block?
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                    First, of all it is feeling a lot better today, the dull pain is gone.

                    Herb, Thank you

                    Ed, Thank you, I've got one, but prefer to hold my work when carving, I use a leather glove on my right hand and a thumb guard on my right thumb∙∙∙∙I wasn't carving, I was sharpen

                    Soggy, Thank you, The worst part of the whole ordeal was the deadening shot, by the time the Doc. got around to stitching me up, it was deader than a doornail.

                    Wasserretter, Thank you, I know, I have two pairs of carving gloves, but like I told Ed. This is the first time in probably 76 years of sharpening knives, I cut myself.

                    Merle, Thank you,~ If you're going to do a job do it your best. The first thing I did after cutting the finger through the side of the finger at the big knuckle was to see if could bend my finger, I could & was greeted with a squirt of blood to the glasses.

                    , Thank you

                    Claude, Thank you

                    Paul, Thank you, Yes

                    Right now, I think everything will be OK, but man am I have fun typing
                    . . .JoeB


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                      Hi Joe , sounds like you are in God Spirits, glad the Pain is easing up . Merle


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                        That’s a bad one Joe! Hope you heal up fast. I did one about 8 years ago, the finger works but I do not have much feeling in the top of it. I severed the nerves. I just tried to take a short cut not securing the work. Had my hand in front of the cutting edge of a 5/8” #8 palm tool. It was the second of the only two bad cuts I have had in all these years and both were me having my left hand in the wrong place. And I knew it. Just got in a hurry.
                        We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                          Yikes that’s some cut. So glad you are feeling better. After slipping a few times I invested in a great Kevlar/leather glove from the carving guy. I use duct tape too. A bit bulky but I’m used to it.

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                            Ouch!! I did something similar a few years ago with a new Kershaw my son gave me for Christmas (It was sharp). Helping him open a box and thinking to my self 'self you should move your hand'.

                            Glad you only needed stitches. Heel quickly and completely.


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                              Merle, OH it takes a strong mule to keep me down, just got to stop bumping into things with my left hand

                              Randy, mine was definitely in the wrong place

                              JerseyGirl, I've got plenty of hands protection, but who needs it when just sharping∙∙∙∙Joe

                              PHolder, Funny how you get those feelings, guess it was ben the use of several band-aids.

                              It is just a good time to work on drawing muscle memory

                              . . .JoeB