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A new kind of fruit.

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  • A new kind of fruit.

    201091210_10158497943124601_2123943852883476024_n.jpgIt is steamy hot outside and found out there is a new kind of banana ...growing in the tree. Guess he thinks he can catch the birds and rats that love to eat these bananas. Pets make you smile all the crazy things they do. The worst part is the banana is not a tree but a water-filled, slim sticky goo-filled plant that sticks on things like glue , Looks like I will cleaning it out of his fur. Show and tell ... a smile.

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    High on potassium?
    HonketyHank toot toot


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        Di, It looks like he is saving them all for himself. Great picture.
        If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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          Call the fire department!!!! The cat's stuck in the tree!!!!

          Sorry, I couldn't resist.

          BTW--I don't envy you cleaning the cat's fur. Hope you have a couple extra kevlar gloves.



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            Now that brought a smile to my face!


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              I think because of the heat and nice breeze above, it is cool up there as the banana leaves shade the area. Just never saw a cat in a banana before, he is a happy camper. Can not believe he is wrapped in the banana what a horrid bumpy bed. I do not call the fire dept for cats in the trees....the cats' mom taught all of them how to get up and down in one. Megan was a great mom, all eight kittens and she is talking up a storm....on the roof and into the trees, each one lined up and following her,....her chatter and teaching was an extra big smile a long time ago. I yell you got up there and you get yourself down, too darn old and crippled to be digging cats out of trees,...LOL


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                I know house cats, but a tree cat? Looks very content to be where he is. Where would we be without our pets!
                . . .JoeB