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Need some help from WCI Book of Knowledge

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  • Need some help from WCI Book of Knowledge

    I need to do three plaques---A wedding, a birth, and a thank you.

    The wedding plaque, I know pretty much what I want to do.

    For the baby, it is going to be a great-granddaughter, Ramilee Marie.

    There is a couple who live in our little community of ±400 families & they are always doing things for the older our community & the wild horse that we are blessed with within our community. They've done Pam & I several favors & will never take any compensation. I figure if I carve a plaque for them, hopefully, they would accept it.

    But I'm not picturing anything in my mind's eye to carve for either the baby & the thanks you plaques. any suggestion would be helpful.

    Many thanks in advance
    . . .JoeB

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    I can see the horse. Possibly several suns in a sunrise for a new birth but it's fuzzy.
    Brian T


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      As a symbol for a baby, the first thing I saw in my mind was the little oak sapling growing out of the acorn.

      And for a "thank you" I see a Pair of open Hands with some fruit (or flowers) laying in the palms of the hands.

      And your plan is a very nice gesture.
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        One of my favorite tricks when I'm trying to come up with an idea is to just Google a subject. If I'm looking for something unique to say I look for the written description and if I'm trying to come up with an idea for a carving I go to images.


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          I was thinking a rose with a bow for the baby, and maybe a horse with a setting sun behind it for the thank you. What ever you decide to do, it will be awesome, this is a tattoo I found. rose.jpg


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            Thanks for the help, got me going in the right direction, Toke Eddy's suggestion, and started googling, ran some ideas across the QC dept (Pam). Watching her eyes, I could tell which one she thought was right. Again thanks for the kick in the pants
            . . .JoeB


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              Hi Joe. This is a book I have used for some plaque gifts in the past. There is a Noah's ark I did for made grandson when he was little, there is a light house one I did for a friend. I have combinde peaces from different ones in the book to make others. it is a good how to book.If your looking for one. You can see some of the projects if you look at the book on amazon.
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                Thanks, Randy
                . . .JoeB