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It is soggy in the south.

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    Yes, the whole town of Lytton is gone. Just ashes. Three days above 47C and burned.
    I think 46C was the hottest it got here, I never saw more than 45C at my house.

    The sudden snow pack melt and massive river flooding has cut off some people.
    High-lift vehicles going slowly can still make passage on the flooded roads.
    Flooded Koeneman Park is a magnificent kiddie pool for these hot days.

    The side mountain tributaries are running really hard with some property erosion.
    Much less lawn to mow but the people don't ever see it that way.

    The heat dome has moved east to the plains of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    They have predicted highs in the upper 30's. Not another Lytton but wait and see.

    For us, it is really windy, temp touched 16C/60F in the night. Maybe rain showers with
    temps in the 60's and 70's for 7-10 days.

    I don't know what I'd do with the Gulf Coast Rain. Sit and carve of course but the idea of any food dry and crispy must be a bit of a joke. Rubber waffles, any one?
    Brian T


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      I've followed the news up there Brian and it is amazing. 121 F? Geez, not normal. Take care and keep on fire watch. How far are you from Lytton?
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Lytton is/was tight into the rain shadow from the Coast Mountains = serious desert.
        That means sand, rock, sage brush and the odd Ponderosa pine, a few rattlers and scorpions.
        They regularly cracked 100F in the summers. Really neat old place with Gold Rush history.
        There's nobody left at all in what used to be Lytton. Temperatures? Who knows.

        I'll say a hard 5-6 hour drive south for me, just to arrive in the hottest part of the day.
        I'm so far inland, up against the wet western face of the Rockies.

        I have to do it in 2 days. Stay on a ranch near Cache Creek, that's 4-5 hours.
        Blast past Lytton before noon on the next day to dance into 4-6 lanes of Fraser Valley traffic
        at 80 mph some places. Peak hour traffic for Vancouver is 24/7.
        Having become such a country mouse, the traffic gauntlet into YVR is as bad as a fire.
        Brian T


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          Didn't know that about BC and our only experience there is coming down the ALCAN highway years ago. Beautiful country and very scenic. We love old mining camps.

          Thanks for the info and be safe...
          Living among knives and fire.


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            Originally posted by wasserretter View Post

            JerseyGirl : I like your website too.
            Thank you!
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              The temperature drops the to high 70s, I got used to the 90s and this feels cold...must be old age and temp gauge breakdown in the old body. Only excitement today had nothing to do with the weather, Boeing 737 jet crashed into the ocean this AM, just outside the was a cargo plane, and pilots were rescued by the coast guard.
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                I went to the pub for supper. Got smart and took a light jacket as the A/C is relatively COLD!
                They now allowed to open up and just jumping busy tonight. They have a very good kitchen.
                A pint of porter did no harm. Went outside to warm up.

                The heat dome has slid 1,500 miles east and they never see as hot as we did.
                Mid 30's is the prediction, not the mid 40's that we got.
                It was the hot nights that were getting to me. Heidi-cat was uncomfortable.
                Why that dummy didn't go sleep downstairs is beyond me.

                We might see highs in the low 70's this coming week and rain showers.
                That's absolutely typical for McBride July. I don't need more110.
                Brian T


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                  Wish we could send some of this rain to you in the west. Glad the heave heat has let up some. We are keeping a eye on “Elsa”. Not a issue for us but we have family in south west Florida and the are going to get wet. A sister and her family just escaped life in north California and moved to Naples Fl. This will be their first tropical storm. Should not be a bad storm, it is moving quickly and forecast (at this point ) are for 55mpg winds when it’s off their coast.
                  We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                    A little story from Germany.

                    We had a lot of rain during the last day 50 to 120 l/sqaremeter. More water is about to come (maximum of 160l/sqaremeter. We have over 500 firefighters in our small town with 44000 citizens from allover Nordrhein-Westfalen during the day. Small rivers became big rivers and some places became seas. A lot of German Red Cross volunteers supported a catering operation my daughter is one of them and in the evening me and my wife were helping too.
                    But first my wife had to catch my son who came back from a Rescue swimmer deployment on the Baltic Sea (DLRG) and stranded in Dortmund because his train was canceled because of the heavy weather.
                    I had to walk the dog and now Im staying at home. My wife and my daughter are still at the fire department.
                    Our house is safe and nothing happened to us. But I can't remember of a day with such a heavy weather.
                    All in all a very chilled day. NOT
                    If you don't like to call me wasserretter call me Dirk


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                      For those of you who are not sure of the metric system, 160 liter per square meter is a bit over 6 inches.

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                        That's interesting. We use SI Metric but do not measure rainfall volume. Instead, we use a conversion of the Imperial measurement, just the depth of the water in the rainfall.
                        So 12mm rainfall at my house is a bit less than 1/2".
                        At that rate, 100liters/m^2 is about 4" of rain. To my thinking, that is big rain.

                        Today we have a smoke white out, the mountains are gone. Instead of rain we have ash-fall,
                        burnt conifer needles wafted up in the hot smoke and carried aloft for many miles. It is falling past my window like odd gray and white snowflakes.

                        Pity that we can't trade a little. The ash will wash off.
                        Brian T


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                          We have reached 4 feet of rain year to date may hit 50 inches by next week. Those are weather station measurements at the air port. Some areas are well over that number now.
                          We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                            Randy, we've had 2.71" this year
                            . . .JoeB


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                              Originally posted by joepaulbutler View Post
                              Randy, we've had 2.71" this year
                              Wish I could share!!!
                              We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                                Me too, the whole state does, with all the wildfires if we get much rain at once, it will be mudslides in the hill country, They say we are to have an El Nino winter
                                . . .JoeB