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It is soggy in the south.

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    Well after a night of sleep and looking at the situation right now i hope things are getting better.
    Rain stoped last night so there was no more rain the whole night. The amount of water came down in the night from 13th to 14th and that was to much for our water-systems.
    And for sure it is not that much water for some other places but the settlement in these areas is very heavy and there are not many areas where the water can spread out.
    And I (age of 56 this year) don't remember such a situation in my neigbourhood and only a few 100 meters away from me so I was realy shocked.
    And for me it is a sign to do a lot of things for environment. I try to do more than I did up to that point and I hope this will persuade some more people to do more.
    And one more result of this happening is that I can understand others having such trouble much more and I can feel a little bit more what they feel.
    I hope you all stay safe.
    If you don't like to call me wasserretter call me Dirk


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      Originally posted by Randy View Post
      We have reached 4 feet of rain year to date may hit 50 inches by next week. Those are weather station measurements at the air port. Some areas are well over that number now.
      We have had 58 inches year to date, measured at New Orleans airport. I also wish we could share some of it with the West. But, the rain forms in the Gulf, and the prevailing winds carry it over us and up the Appalachian range to the NE area.

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