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  • I was Hacked

    Lost my Picasa which doesn't exist anymore and now I need a replacement Site to Process and my Pictures . Must be Simple and Easy to use . Merle

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    I thought Picasa was shutdown like four or five years ago when everything went to the clouds?

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      There are several sites that still have the downloads, just do a search for "Picassa."
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        Hi Ed, your right , but if you had it you could use it but would not get any Help if you needed it . I had it for about 15years , nothing lasts anymore , HA, Ha. Time to move on . Merle


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          "For many years, Picasa was the main photo app for Google. It was both a desktop app for Windows and Mac and also being used as a photo gallery online. ... For some time now, it has been clear that this app does not contain important new features and has to be replaced by Google Photos."

          Found this, might help, I just use a thumb drive to store my pictures & patterns on. Hope you have smooth sailing
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            Hi 807, it tells you that it is not a Safe Site if you Download it . I'm kinda Couscous now that I've been Hacked . Merle


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              Technology was supposed to make life easier. Instead it just nickels and dimes us to death. Even when you subscribe to a so-called "premium service", they come up with an ultra-premium platform as an upgrade and take away what you paid for in the first place. As for downloading anything, I generally don't download any programs that aren't listed in the Microsoft store or are available on CNET. However, with everyone wanting their piece of the pie the availability of free programs for newer versions of operating systems is getting slim.


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                Hi Eddy , that's sounds about right . Merle