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Heads Up On The Covid #3 Booster Shot.

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  • Heads Up On The Covid #3 Booster Shot.

    This is not a carving subject but I figured it was worth the time to give fellow carvers a heads up on COVID Booster #3. My wife got her Monderna 3rd shot this past Thursday and I got mine, Pfizer, the following day on Friday. Both, at least in our experience give quite a kick. Not to say that everyone will have the same reaction but if you do look forward to 48-72 hours of flu like conditions. I've slept not more than 8-hours over the past two nights. Chills and fever, the sweats, migraines, bone and muscle aching and sinus drainage. Fortunately no problem with the lungs. It's not a pleasant experience but it sure the heck beats the alternatives. Someone very close and dear to us just got over COVID, a healthy young woman, and she almost died. Fortunately her husband was able to get her to a medical clinic where they gave her the Immunotherapy. The bottom line is that as miserable as we felt the last three days, it in no way compares to how she felt. And if by some chance they come around in another 5-8 months and say we all need to get a 4th shot. My wife and I will be first in line.

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    Not sure how I feel about the third shot....Monderma. The second one bad reaction...took me two months to get back to normal. Extreme exhaustion and kicked up the pain level in joints to bad levels. Wondering if I am one of the few who...immune system has issue with it and more so if the second shot was really bad, what a third would do??. I know people who have died from covid plus one who got it and having long haulers. I feel like the choices are between a rock and a hard place. I study the science much about all kinds of new medicines are up in the air. Just wish the country would get the heck off political agenda and bs. Really makes a darn mess of this whole pandemic in this whole country.. We are almost in the process of shutting down again....and 10 percent of who are being hospitalized here are vaccinated which means you need to be super careful anyway. Just ponder the whole darn thing. We are at the place here, were if you need medical care of any kind, you can not get it...because lack of hospitals and staff. Does not look good at all this time around.
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      Our experience with the Pfizer has been good. Know issues with the first two and my wife got her #3 a few days ago. All is well. But I share your thoughts Di. Politics has this hole thing in chaos. I am not sure I trust the shots but after loosing 3 family members an a number of friends to Covid it is better than nothing.
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        I agree with Eddy, Di and Randy! Shots including booster are a no-brainer, in my opinion. And the political B.S. has been appalling.


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          I'm sure you guys have all seen the news. The residents of Florida all won a battle, even if for short term, today. Our governor's idiotic ban on mask mandates was shot down. It's too little to late to stop the run away surge here in the state but at least it may help save a few lives and reduce hospital admissions.