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    Two days after the hurricane passed, we ran out of gasoline for the generator a neighbor had loaned us. Tossed all the food from two refrigerators into the trash, unplugged them, and left town for Florida. My wife is on Oxygen 24/7, so with no electricity she would have major trouble breathing. Just got back yesterday evening. We went down to New Orleans on the way out of town and took our grandkids (15, 9) with us. Son and DIL stayed, along with their two dogs - they had a small generator and could plug in the fridges during the day, and a window A/C at night in their bedroom. Kids slept upstairs, and it was way too hot for them, which is why we took them with us.

    We stayed at a timeshare in Orlando. The management worked hard to keep everything sanitized and social-distanced. GK were good and wore masks when out of the villa. The 9 year old stayed inside all the time and she chatted with friends and played games on her phone - she was happy as no one was bugging her she just chilled for the nine days. The 15 year old brought his skateboard and did a bit of that, as well as using his phone a lot. He would go over to the resort marketplace and get food and snacks whenever he wanted; charged it to the room, as I had suggested. We even had some time for some 3 way cribbage. The one thing I did not have time for was wood carving. Between shopping, taking care of my wife, the GK, etc. I just didn't have the time. No problem, though I was beginning to twitch (grin) after 12 days...

    Our house had some shingles missing in a few places, but all in all was not harmed much. Fences were all down. Fence gates were torn off their hinges by the wind - lag bolts pulled right out of the wood. I was in contact with neighbors and that's why we stayed away so long: grocery stores out of food, no gas at the gas stations. Son had to drive from N.O. over to Bay St. Louis, MS, to buy gas for his generator and get some fresh food. He came and checked out my house after power was restored, plugged the fridges back in, etc. Said he couldn't repair the roof, as it's about a 45° slope and he's 50 now. I agreed. I had applied for the FEMA blue roof program, but haven't heard anything yet. Sure hope H. Nicholas doesn't hurt us, but we are inside the cone of it as it becomes a T.D.
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    Sorry to hear of your struggles stay safe Claude.
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      Been there Claude. Glad your damage was not overwhelming. You all take care, don’t do to much. Still hot out there.

      We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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        Good to hear you are all OK, and damage was minimal. Been there, too. It's been my experience that as long as you don't have a tree through the roof you can cope.

        I didn't lose power but my eldest daughter did and her generator was acting up, so my son and I brought her both of our generators and 30 gallons of gas, which took care of her until her power was restored.


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          It is amazing how a storm can turn your life into chaos. Glad your returning back to normal....sounds like your going to get some rain from this one. Soon winter will be here ...and the hurricane chaos will mellow down. Clean up is always time consuming. As for your wife I would have a plan b and c if you find yourself in this problem for more solutions in the future. As your in hurricane alley...check these three areas for a possible solutions for future possible needed help. such as car down, and no gas. Just a thought to ponder...
          • Power company: Some companies offer oxygen-dependent patients priority service or even a generator when their power goes out.3 Find out what steps you need to take to sign up for this type of service today.
          • Local police and fire departments: Contact them to let them know that you are oxygen-dependent. If your own emergency plan fails, you may be able to use their facilities as a power source.
          • Medical facilities: Find out whether your local hospital or urgent care center has a back-up generator or oxygen supply, and figure out how you can get there if needed.
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            Amazing ordeal Claude. I can related and wish you well!
            Living among knives and fire.