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  • had a quiet night

    I believe this might be one of the first time, if not the first time there was no action on the evening site
    . . .JoeB

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    Joe, I've thought for quite a while that activity here has fallen off quite a bit from what it was several years ago. The forum never really recovered from that massive crash we had. Even now, many old members seem to drop off as we go along and not enough active new members appear to replace them.

    Maybe it's just my perception, anyone have thoughts on this?


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      Originally posted by Arthur C. View Post
      Joe, I've thought for quite a while that activity here has fallen off quite a bit from what it was several years ago. The forum never really recovered from that massive crash we had. Even now, many old members seem to drop off as we go along and not enough active new members appear to replace them.

      Maybe it's just my perception, anyone have thoughts on this?
      Arthur, I think you have summed it up nicely. Just a handful of us old codgers left . Back before the " Great Hack " it kept one busy just reading the new posts every day (sometimes a couple of times a day) now, 2 or 3 new posts and that's it.
      it looks as though most of the traffic has drifted to other sites (Facebook , etc ) where it's just a forum to show one's carvings off, but not a lot of opportunities to ask questions and seek help with any problems one might have.
      This forum has been the closest thing to a "carving club" that I have been able to access living out here in the boondocks , so as long as there's a WCI forum I'll be here !
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        I missed the big hack being relatively new to the forum. But seems to me there are just so many more online options.

        I decided just about a year ago to start accepting commissions since then I have accept four. One came from this forum three have come through Facebook.

        This forum has a bunch members who are professional carvers but we seldom see post from them as I assume they feel their time is better spent on other platforms.

        Carvers use to use photo based tutorials and books to learn this hobby. Now where do we send people? Yep YouTube.

        The expectations have change the forum hasn’t. Carving clubs have the same problem. Those who find new ways to attract member can thrive but the ones who keep trying to provided what they always have are in decline.


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          I believe that Soggy has hit the nail on the head. When I first joined WCI it was a primary source for carving information. In my opinion it was so successful that it even surpassed the old "Carving Magazine" forum. But here we are twenty years later and there are multiple woodcarving groups on Facebook, pictures and patterns on "Pinterest", and You Tube and podcast videos too numerous to count. If anyone carver tried to read and comment on every social media post there wouldn't be enough hours in a day, never mind time to actually carve. I enjoy the WCI forum because it draws carvers from all over the world and folks who post on it occasionally have some great ideas and pointers. Like Soggy I think I'll keep checking in to WCI for as long as it's offered.


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            I am like Soggy in the sticks. Pandemic booming, crime getting bad in town. We do not have carving clubs nor most people going out and leaving their house much anymore unless they have too. Neighborhood chats and barbeques have stopped since the beginning of the pandemic. This is about the only place I get human conversation.

            There is one other forum I go is a local group. It was made to ponder the good old days where life was easier. But now because everyone has a showing the whole area of crime that is going on and where it is. So I do not watch the news anymore, it is people informing people. Just like yesterday, someone got on there reported with a video that helicopters over his house and cops all over the place, they were on a crime chase again. Do not listen to the news, much of this forum tells me everything I need to know about what is really going on.

            This is not like the old forum, where lots of new people come on, but it continues of education and its more friendly environment because we are smaller? Do you remember some of the fights on here before the hack? Whole threads were blown up because of verbal cowboy shootouts, more of that stuff thank goodness. Just opinions instead of calling people names like in grade school. Honestly good forums are a rare bird these days.
            . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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              Last night? I went to an informal concert of local musicians at a friend's home high on a mountain. The view and the company were spectacular! I have tried to be an active participant in this WCI forum and not allow it to become "same old, same old." The interest in any activity will ebb and flow. We all need to have some other interests. Yes, it may make it that much harder to get back to our carving projects, but it will help balance out the lulls.


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                All good points. I too, use this forum as a daily "get together", it is a welcome friend every morning. I know I haven't been posting work, I have a ton of it on hold, waiting for me to start. But don't think I am not absorbing ideas and knowledge! Everyday I learn some thing on this forum, and some times it's just a shared chuckle, we may not be many but we ARE!


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                  I've joined probably most FB carving groups, watch a few days then "Un-Join." They are mostly places for anybody with a piece of firewood and a dull knife to show off what they hacked out and expect praise. This forum is unique!


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                    I probably only p0st 1 out of 4 or 5 carvings here; the ones I do not p0st are repeat carvings (this year, 5 pairs of cardinals, 5 crow bottlestoppers, 3 robins...) I think it would be very boring if I p0sted every repeat carving.

                    I post new carvings on my facebook page, and 2 or 3 other pages that are for caricature carvers. I also have a Pinterest page and an Instagram page. Why? Exposure. The more places I post carvings, the wider the audience, and (hopefully) more sales.

                    We do get new members signing up - averages 1 or 2 per day, maybe. Most never post anything.

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                      I love this forum. It's rare to be accepted into a forum where people are cheering for you and want you to do well. Most forums are a bunch of bickering and people trying to prove their worth by belittling others. Not here.


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                        It just takes a few good peas to make a good soup .
                        . . .JoeB


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                          Prehack, this place was lavishly illustrated with long strings of process photographs. Not so much any more. I haven't got much new to show and even less motivation to do so. Age related?

                          If you've seen one crooked knife, you've seen them all, sort of. Some carvings are deadly tedious and nobody else would be interested in 6 weeks work that doesn't show from one picture to the next.

                          I have noticed that this place is kind of seasonal. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is winding down. No more cut the grass here at 53N. Winter is tuning up. Just this morning, I was staring out the window as the kettle was heating up and danged if it didn't start to SNOW! Two big snow showers and they melted now everything is cold and drippy.

                          Maybe I'll stay in more, carve quicker things and take some fresh pictures.

                          Some new people post images of carvings, I'd be curious to learn why so many others don't.
                          Brian T


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                            This year has been full of change. A number of us have talk about our drop in interest or motivation in doing our carving. In my local group of freinds and in our family that drop in motivation seems to extend into many aspects of life. Times are changing, our way of life has taken a turn away from many of the values and beliefs many of us have grown up with and believe in. What that is going to means is yet to be understood. But change is always new, often uncomfortible and a challenge. Doing less has made life here some what ho hum with less to share. My pullback came slow and I was not paying attention to what I was not doing. Getting busy in the shop yesterday is my new beginning. Busy is better! Always has been.
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                            We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                              Hi Randy , I like that " Saying " " Busy is Better " , and Agree. Merle