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Using wood grain curtains to beautify living space

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  • Using wood grain curtains to beautify living space

    Since ancient times, wood grain curtains have been popularly used in Vietnamese houses for the purpose of decoration, making living space more beautiful, luxurious and impressive. If you are a lover of traditional beauty, then wooden grain curtains will be very suitable for you. Let's refer to the simple and beautiful wood grain curtain designs in the article below.

    1. Why use wood grain curtains?

    Wood grain curtains are composed of small wooden beads that are held together by strings. This type of curtain is considered a decorative item with bold ancient traditions of the Vietnamese people.

    Unlike window blinds, people often hang wooden grain curtains in the door frame, which has the effect of limiting the view from the outside to the inside of the house, helping to circulate air while still being able to block the air. very good sun.

    Increasingly urbanized life, people now also limit outdoor activities and instead spend a lot of time in closed rooms. The private space has many electronic devices, machines such as computers, air conditioners, etc., which are constantly operating, causing more and more bacteria and mold to accumulate.

    When we are in that environment a lot, it will make the mood easy to stress, feel uncomfortable, in the long run also affect our health. Hanging curtains with wood grain will help remedy that situation. Wood grain curtains help maintain oxygen, help fresh air, remove dirt, deodorize odors, and mold in the room.

    2. In which space are wooden grain curtains suitable for use?

    Rèm hạt gỗ are most commonly used in the living room space. This is the place to receive guests, chat and reunite with family members. Wooden grain curtains in the living room bring a luxurious and elegant beauty while still creating a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

    The bedroom that is decorated with wooden grain curtains with soft colors helps to bring a feeling of relaxation, warmth and romance. You should choose a wood grain curtain color that is lighter than the color of the wall paint, duvet cover or backrest pillow so as not to create an uncomfortable feeling. The bedroom is a private space for each person, so the use of wood grain curtains brings more privacy to this room.

    If you want to use wood grain curtains in the office, it is best to choose the type with neat and compact wood grain that does not take up too much space. Using wood grain curtains in the office not only adds dynamism to the workspace, but also shows the aesthetic eye of the user.

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