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  • Christmas 2021

    Had trouble with the first post of this.
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    Sorry, I do not get it at first as I thought those were warships or subs, hard to see. As lots of talk here about the Chinese warships lately.... But those are shipping containers???. As people are saying there are no shipping issues, but a warning the cost of everything is going to hit the ceiling....tons of talk about bubbles breaking, and major inflation. China is telling its people to major stock up on supplies this year this winter is going to be bad, why ???....lots to think about these days. Doc said do not worry about Christmas... we are going to have another major surge so stay home again...until it is no longer questionable happening. Future and presents ....make them. We live in a time where everything needs to be questioned, shaky grounds to say is the least of it all. I order Amazon ...USPS is giving my packages to the neighbor lately things have gone downhill...when the mailman can not read the big letters on your mailbox and double-check he going to the right place. Enough rant...LOL
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      This is why I watch the news every morning. Finished my Christmas shopping weeks ago. Everything arrived and hidden my secret hiding place. Ho Ho Ho.