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Hello darkness my old friend,

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  • Hello darkness my old friend,

    I just put this together this afternoon and posted it on my Facebook page. I had no intention of posting it on the WCI Forum but then I ran across a post on the Rustic Whittling Group on Facebook by a fellow carver that's having similar symptoms. I'm sure that there are other senior (as in age) carvers out there that have this problem once they have been put on heart or anti-anxiety medicines. It's not a pleasant experience but since there's no point in crying about it you might as well make light of it and have a good laugh! So laugh my friends!!!!!

    Hello darkness my old friend,
    I got up too fast again.
    Nearly passing out,
    To that I have no doubt.
    Not the first time nor the last,
    The floor, it comes up very fast.
    The pills they give me for my heart,
    From consciousness I do depart.
    The Doc’s they know not what they do,
    I wish they also took them too.
    So dizzy I can’t see,
    Please physician, hear my plea.
    Find something else that works,
    I’m tired of feeling like a jerk.
    Oh no, it’s happening again,
    Hello darkness my old friend!

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    I have severe arthritis and Fibromyalgia which acts just like MS...I kiss the floor a lot. And the pills the doctors gave me did more damage over the years. no cures...and bad medicine and doctors their hands up in the air. Yea I understand this one major. I was trimming bushes outside and was near the ponytail palm...which I fell into for no reason, dizzy and bad bones,... perhaps???. But the sharp palm edges sliced open my ear, which I did not know it was bleeding all over the place. The only thing that works these days is to brush me off and keep on trucking. and super glad no one is watching when things like this happen. I do not blackout, but at times wished I had, it would explain things better, Yip life is sure interesting. I call it joining the tumble club. I also at times miss the doorway and run right into the wall like a blind person which is common in MS patients, talking about feeling like a jerk??? But you have to laugh at is...what it is. bumps, bruising and lots of muttering
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      ES, that's hilarious. Very well written.
      Reads like the dose could be fine tuned.
      Not every med works the same for everybody.

      The song up here goes"

      "Hello darkness, my old friend,
      It gets dark at 4 PM."
      and so on.

      Solstice, December 21. If it's a clear sky, the sun drops behind the west mountain
      range of the valley to put my house in shade at 1:52PM. I have lots of house lights on timers
      so the place cannot get gloomy.


      1. I have never had a runny nose in all of my life.
      Now it's 6-10 tissues just to get up in the morning.
      Wrong end. Just so very wrong for a diuretic.
      I go out? I take a whole box. I buy tissues by the case (48 boxes?)

      2. I have never had a sugar sweet craving all of my life.
      Salty things, yes. Black coffee. Even my kids complained about a lack of sweets.
      With the meds now, I have to sit on my hands. What a silly craving but it is big.
      3-4 sugar donuts would be a fine start to the day. Instead, 2 hamburgers will do me.
      Brian T


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        About 10 years ago, my asthma was acting up. So I used my inhaler. Next thing I know I'm on the floor. I told the Dr. about it and he said the inhaler probably had a build-up of albuterol residue on the canister, and let loose when I took a puff. It caused my blood pressure to drop, and I went down. Now I make sure I clean the canister more often. Can't win sometimes.