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    Biggest items in my grocery list are Clamato Original, V8 juice, full pulp orange juice. I know I'm drinking money. Often eat an orange in the AM while the coffee kettle boils.
    Brian T


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      Same for you Randy, and 2022 has to be a better year...if not, I'll go back in time with retro carving. Happy New Year's everyone and it is a great group.
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Well I was praying for major rain. Which did not happen. The firebombs and fire works all major illegal rocked my house for a solid eight hours last night....a neighbor who is a very rich must-have, thousands of dollars poured into his show last night. Meanwhile, for the first time, my cats were freaked out beyond belief. I spent all night trying to comfort them as they are too old for this kind of insanity. What used to be a few hours of watching the sky of celebration turned out to be who had the biggest and worst bomb noises. I figured the cats outside would all be gone by the morning's daylight. They were all there for their AM feedings much to my fretting.. Needless to say, I am pouring tons of coffee down me today....for a major caffeine kick. The rains have just arrived. So much for a new beginning of the new year.
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          Originally posted by Merle Rice View Post
          Gona start a Different New Year by Juicing to see if it makes a Difference in Health , Energy, and just Well Feeling . Bought myself a Juicer and went out this Morning and bought $30.00 of Produce so I'm ready to start Tomorrow. Anyone here do Juicing? Happy New Year , Everyone . Merle
          I love my Vitamix. The key when using veggies (I use spinach) plus fruit is to include a few pieces of pineapple. It cuts the veggie flavor. I use a scoop of Vital Proteins chocolate with a Starbucks Via, frozen fruits (red grapes, cranberries, pineapple, and watermelon). Have it for breakfast every day.

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