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    is the system down, if not this is the slowest I've ever seen it????????
    . . .JoeB

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    Don't seem to be a lot of action on the site, but I believe it's functioning OK. Must be the time of year,.... everyone is out getting their gardens ready....
    If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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      I think a lot of activity has shifted to Facebook groups.


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        You may be right ED. Also it is spring after a year of being behind closed doors. I think people may just be out doing things. I will refrain from me very negative thoughts on FB.
        We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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          Originally posted by Randy View Post
          You may be right ED. Also it is spring after a year of being behind closed doors. I think people may just be out doing things. I will refrain from me very negative thoughts on FB.
          Randy... Me too!


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            Hey, I'm still here, just slow at getting things done . Repairing another Garden Spirit . Merle


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              Well liking or not liking, using or not using Facebook is everyone’s personal choice. Facebook may not offer the conversation quality of a forum, but there is a lot more going on.

              In the past week I have seen information promoting 4 or 5 large carving events (classes shows) on Facebook. Only one of them had I seen promoted here.

              Donna T asked about our club list. From Facebook I know she is actually completing a club list for Chip Chat magazine.

              When I post a photo of a finished project here it may get 100 views. On Facebook carvers group pages I can get over 1000+ “Likes” a 100+ Comments and who knows how many views by those who don’t tap the like tab. On top of that there are multiple pages.

              If the purpose is to share and encourage our hobby then exposer maters.

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                Well ,, deep subject too, but I enjoy all you folks and also have seen a bunch missing?. On the other hand, I have not been IN action due to my right hand has been "out" of action for the bones and getting the fingers to hold the knife right, right!. And some may be on FB as I am now watching some others too, there are a bunch of real talented filks out there too.

                But as ED says' these folk promoting on FB I don't watch these or on youtube either. too much time on thecomputer makes my butt tired,. .. And I have to follow the bride around and watch her in the garden.. Insert big grin here. she runs the dirt show here.

                As I type this with 2 fingers. And this is exercise for the hand too.

                Oh now that I am into this a ?? I have gone about as far as I want with my dancers. And wish to paint, I did some repair on one arm with a wood putty and it is discolored abit. As most may know I haven't painted and I have Guesso , should I just put on a coating of that OR seal itwith "what" first"
                Boy let me out of the cage!
                Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!



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                  You can find me ...with the big Chinese hat in the hot sun clearing areas to plant, mud on the face with the machete and then digging holes to china to plant my food trees and bushes... the only time I am on here is to get out of the sun, rest and drink water, and cool off in front of the fan. I got this sick feeling things are going to hit the fan soon and I want to be ahead of the game. Seeds, plants, and fertilizer are major gone up in price and a lot of stuff I want is completely sold out for the year. Farmers are major screaming about it all, one told me to plant now or forever hold my peace. With my arthritis in the evening fall into the recliner and this old fart reports....bless be God that I am still walking and able to crawl out of bed in AM ! The only thing good about Facebook is that you can find sometimes find local solutions to issues in the private groups' areas...and share problems, and possible solutions.
                  . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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                    Whoo! Thought maybe another challenge to be met. I'm on FB once a day, but this is still the site
                    . . .JoeB


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                      FB definitely has the volume, and I joined and quit several sites...the sheer volume is itself off-putting to me, just too much of a good (well, some is good, lol) thing. You get exposure there, but nothing like the camaraderie we have here. I just don't care to see a daily hundred carvings by people I don't know and never will...I can get that on Pinterest if I'm so inclined.

                      As for my own activity here, I haven't completed a carving since last summer...several have been and are in the works, but I haven't been inspired, and I've had my attention diverted lately by spring gardening and yard work, working on my antique clocks and riding my new e-bike. But now the gardens are in, grass cutting is only once a week, and I'm waiting on clock parts so maybe I'll get the itch and finish up a few of the five half-done carvings on the bench.


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                        You know, I look at FB as just window shopping, WCI as the candy store
                        . . .JoeB


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                          Have to agree with both Ed and Joes comments. Agree that exposure is needed but the question is what does Face book exposure actually do for us as carvers. I think Joe is right and face book is like window shopping.

                          I gave up on face book as I found you had that much garbage coming in that it cost too much time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

                          Hi Ed
                          A couple of questions for you - how many of the 100 comments would you rate as being of any value to you in any way shape or form???? - How much time do you spend replying to them all. - Lastly do you consider it worth it..

                          I get the feeling that facebook is superficial with no depth to it but I might well be wrong.

                          The forum on the other hand is where people go that are truly serious about what they do for a hobby and with that sort of community we have the ideal platform for all of our individual interests without all the nonsense that can come with face book .
                          I have seen a lot of posts from new members that basically heave a huge sigh of relief in finding this site after having been on other sites that have a similar following as face book.

                          Just playing devils advocate here to see what other folks thought of it all.

                          I think Arthurs comment is sort of what I'm also saying here.


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                            Like many I was on FB for a bit. I got on to communicate with stick makers in the UK. I enjoyed the stickmakers and supplies site. They shared a lot of great information and responder to questions in a helpful manner. Much like we do here. Sadly that was not my experience with other carving sites I visited on FB. And I can not in good conscience participate with company that I feel is anti American in its policies.

                            It depends on the area but as a hole I think wood working and carving is becoming a activity of the gary hairs. I note a slow down in new members on other wood working sites I visit too. Very few young people are interested in it. My grand kids say that neet Grandad But you should get a CNC. It is so much faster. I say its no fun to sit and watch a robot do what I like doing. They do not agree. I know I do not do as much as I did just a year ago. Abilities and energy are waning. I am not putting out the work I did so there is not alot of projects to share. lots of plans but sharing is now mostly trying to be helpful to others.
                            We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Semper Fi


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                              As far as carving, Facebook is just looking at people's work and saying wow that is nice. Does it inspire Does it sell my work Like Author seeing tons of work was great years ago because it was new, but I no longer want to do it, it may be months and months of it before I see something worth inspiration. Right now the only one that has worth is the local garden/farmer group for example I got slimy white crap on my bananas so, what is it? What the heck is this bug? people will answer...where can I buy Mexican squash? There are no discussions beyond the plants, dirt, and pest or they are kicked out. There are groups like this. Other places are not worth two cents unless you want to get into a verbal fistfight....conversation is a long-gone art. The great thing about here we can express opinions which can lead to light conversations and there is no right way or wrong way to do it. Unless you are going to get your hands or head cut off with your methods... a smile. There is something to say about respect, integrity, knowledge, and human worth....the internet took humans into a movie fantasy world, for the most part, I often wonder if people even live inside their own bodies anymore.
                              . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di