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    To me it depends on what you're after, exposure or learning.

    I'm all about learning. It takes some level of trust to accept positive criticism of one's work.
    I cannot develop trust in a gaggle of faceless unknown's. Spending time with people, virtually or in person, is what works for me.

    This site provides that time and interaction for me.


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      Originally posted by Glenn Jennings View Post
      I gave up on face book as I found you had that much garbage coming in that it cost too much time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

      Hi Ed
      A couple of questions for you - how many of the 100 comments would you rate as being of any value to you in any way shape or form???? - How much time do you spend replying to them all. - Lastly do you consider it worth it..

      I get the feeling that facebook is superficial with no depth to it but I might well be wrong.

      I have seen a lot of posts from new members that basically heave a huge sigh of relief in finding this site after having been on other sites that have a similar following as face book.

      Well I don’t want to start a brewha but I wouldn’t mind sharing my perspective of Facebook.

      First I’m on Facebook anyway I have family, current friends and old friends/classmates who are active on Facebook.

      WHEAT from CHAFF
      Facebook provides chaff filters. In the top right of every post there are three dots these bring up a menu that provides a number of filtering options. For example. Not interested in Frank’s skull carvings? Select “Hide all from Frank” and don’t see them anymore. I have a sister in law who takes and post photos nice photos, but thirty at a time. “Snooze Jane for 30 days”. It’s just two clicks. I belong to six carving groups and with using these tools it would be rare to see twelve posts a day.

      For those carving purist who think that money taints the art let me apologize in advance. So from this forum I have received one commission it paid $500. From for sale listing on eBay three people have contacted me about commissions two of those have worked out for just under $1000. I have also sold close to $2000 of finished carvings there. Exposure on Facebook has lead to over $3000 from four commissions and half a dozen inquiries that didn’t make it past the initial sticker shock.

      Additionally I have added about a dozen friends who are carvers with similar goals we visit about specific projects using messenger three are professionals who are willing to take my questions.

      Have also friended three newer carvers and one experienced carver who are learning to realistically carve the human form. Using messenger they send photos of their current projects and I answer questions, offer encouragement and advise.

      So in my opinion Facebook like a forum or a carving club it is what you choose to make it.

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        Hi Ed
        Thanks for that, all fair comment . I guess my wife and I didn't delve very far into FB so probably didn't give it a fair go. We just got overwhelmed by all the stuff that was flooding in and just bolted from it. Thanks for the heads up!!

        Will stick with the forum though as that is where my comfort zone is at.