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  • Have a Great Weekend

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Hot and humid down here. But looks like we will dry out some. It has been a wet week. We are behind last year, we were at 53 inch's his time last year and we are only at 40 inch's now.. . Have been grateful for the quiet hurricane season so far, But forecasts suggest that is about to change and it could be a active fall.
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    Thanks for the thought though after 15 years of retirement weekends have kind of lost their importance.

    I can honestly say climate change has impacted my carving this year. The summer days that are overcast and or cool enough to make using the sun room have just been non existent and too many nights that the temperature stays around 80*. The humidity has been nonstop and the rain nonexistent we are in a drought.


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      Here in Maryland it is 79 Degs. at 3 O clock in the Afternoon and expect the same for the Weekend. Tomorrow a Birthday Party for the Grand Daughter . It's going to be outside with Hard Shell Crabs and Alaskan Crab Legs . We have been having Hot and Humid Weather and this is the First Break we had for awhile .
      Had to turn off the New A/C till I finished the ing. It went down Monday in the Middle of the Heat Wave . It was about 18 yrs. old , nothing lasts. Ha,Ha.


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        WooHoo....just logged off and getting ready to make a few chips before dinner.
        Happy weekend to all!!


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          I beat the heat. The local pub kitchen is delivering my supper at 5 PM.
          Brian T


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            Thanks Randy and a happy weekend to everyone, especially those not retired yet.Ive gotten spoiled getting around during the week and tend to stay home on Weekends.
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              Weather past two years started in the 90 degrees and stayed that way, adding the humidity. This year is cooler and no major storms yet. It rains daily just enough to make you sweat like a pig. I have no AC....thank goodness I would not be able to eat as the cost is higher by 60 percent than the rest of the states. I long to go in the shop and carve but the times here say heads up with the hundred percent or more inflation I need to take care of my business of sustainability super serious this year. So far the hurricanes are super quiet this year ...hope it stays that way with 500 year and even 1,000 events happening around the world, I am so glad so far it is super calm here. A friend sent me this link and it was a very, very interesting find that is about the weather and drought and more. Called the hunger stones are showing river beds dry out.... Warning from the past.
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                Just back from a trip to NV., AZ. Cool here at 95, had been 110 and mostly in the 100 brackets. BUT great visiting with a young man named Joe in Sparks NV, Who by the way has a great place next to a river)), then onto our daughters place in Pahrump, NV. Couple days there and onto our Grandsons' place in the Phoenix area.. Great times and wonderful gas milage, 32.ave ,,, And darn as soon as we got across the Oregon /Idaho borders. Gas prices jumped 50 cents and more???

                And I did not forget.. When I saw that young man,, we met a real nice lady too, PAM

                Anyway having a great weekend and expecting company from MT . Sunday..
                Take care all.
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                Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!