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    Like others, that first year of retirement was a lot like adjusting to coming home the service. I had worked for 50 years. I had a schedules, gold to complete in my work and there were scales to measure my abilities. Then one day I awoke and did not have to be any place, No objective to plan for or other looking for my input. I did not start crawling the walls until about day 3. At which time my wife chased me out of the house. Telling me to go do something and get out of her hair and reminding me I was going to build a shop. I had been carving on and off for about 10 years and always said I would retire and carve, fish and shoot. I needed a plan. So I sat down and made a plan and a schedule. I had a hard time keeping it simple. In just a few hours I had 11 pages for week one. My wife looked at it , shook her head and said " what is it about the word retired you do not understand"! In a few days I was able to stretch that plan to 6 weeks. Which work out to be 10. I still have a schedule for my self. As long as I am able I get up at about the same time everyday and do my morning routine then do what I planed. The nice thing is it is my plan and I can change it at will. There are those days when the plan is to do nothing but I work at not have to many of those days. With my carving it helps me to be carving for someone like kids, grandkid, great grandkids and so on. Or a friend . I started doing cane and walking sticks for veterans which gave me a purpose for staying at it. I just do a few as I am able. My Grandad had a saying. "Cowboy you can't fertilize a field by farting though the fence" You have to get your hands dirty. I have found that to be a wise truth.
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