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Ron, and the Christmas elf ? (troll)

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  • Ron, and the Christmas elf ? (troll)

    Hi all

    You know I really love Christmas , the Holidays and just the feelings that come from enjoying people.

    Well this year has really been a change in so many ways for me. But I am still behind. And sadly a few things will not be finished in time for Christmas Day. But as the old holiday traditions continues , I am working on the 12 days this year.
    Over the course of the last few weeks, I have seen smiles , open hearted laughter , heavy sighs, and tears of joy while working through this Christmas season. I have seen the love of family show in the hearts of so many people, and in return I have received the greatest blessings.

    But the most unique job I had this season was when Ron asked me if I could make something for Katy. Well I have this really warped sense of humor , and Ron and I have become really good friends over the course of the year, so every so often I do little harmless jokes.

    When Ron asked me to do something for Katy , I asked what he would like , he answered he didn't know but he sent me a picture of Katy. I told him I would put it on marble for him. "Perfect."
    "Ok Ron what do you want on it?"
    "I don't know. I'll Leave it up too your artistic talents." he said.

    Boy , talk about trust ! and he knows how I am ! so I sent him a picture of what I was going to do. The picture was a picture of a plain black piece of marble.

    "oh Garry that's Perfect " was his reply . When I told him it was a plain piece of marble he said "Well it "LOOKED " good to me!

    My Friends have a great Holiday ! Merry Christmas.

    Of I did a bit more to the piece, a little poem I wrote and Katy's pic.

    My Friend My Companion
    Although I walk in a world of darkness
    there is always a light,
    That brightens my path, in the darkest of night.
    The sound of your voice
    giving gentle direction
    or the warmth of your touch.

    Asking for nothing , yet giving so much
    Your laughter, your cheer, the joy of you being near
    not just at Christmas but all through the year
    may your joys and pleasures
    always be great.

    Ron, in many ways, it was I who walked in darkness. Thank you my friend , for opening my eyes.


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    Re: Ron, and the Christmas elf ? (troll)

    I figured what the heck I am always in the dog house anyway so I might as well trust Garry. But it will be inspected before it is delivered in case he added the last verse.