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  • what Santa Brought...

    oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! Santa just realized that his wife's favorite color is Milwaukee Red!!!!!! and that it goes good with DeWalt Yellow!!!!!!! Hope you are all having a merry Merry Christmas! Back to the kitchen! C ya!

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    Re: what Santa Brought...

    Ahhhh, you ever notice that santa wears Milwaukee red? Think that's just a coincidence, boys and girls? No.

    What does Santa run? That's right, a workshop. If he can see you when you're sleeping, he darn well knows that you want tools that will last until next time he's in town, and probly longer. And tools that will survive being trampled by a herd of "rain"-deer (that's the kind we have up here in NW WA). And tools that even if you run your 4WD sleigh over them, you can get repair parts and service.

    Santa's not the kind of guy to chince up on tools, 'cause he knows that an elf with a dead tool is a frustrated, pounding-on-the-workbench, not-getting-the-job-done little ball of bad attitude. And that, my friend, is something Santa just won't stand for.

    So, did you get a 28V lithium ion set, or just the deep-cut Porta-band?



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      Re: what Santa Brought...

      ooooh I got the lithium one!!!! It came in a big shiney red box and has TWO batteries!!! Ha Does he know me or what?1 I got a drill, bits and a crock Pot!!! Ha Ha HA...for the shopgoddess who has everything! Get her dinner thats already cooked!!! Santa Rox!