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A Little Life Moment

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    Re: A Little Life Moment

    Irish, Some of use collect those old plates instead of nailing them up on a wall, we attach them to book boards. Well that is what they are called and made in to a book display. Bricks, Bobwire, etc but the bricks aren't in a book.
    Nice thread.


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      Re: A Little Life Moment

      Susan how right you are. I agree 100% those little moments are the very best. I was teaching the local school kids carving. Actually I was carving a cougar for their school. The whole school came out at different intervals to watch me carve. One little girl put her hand up and asked me how small I could carve with my chainsaw. I took a sliver of wood that I sawed off. Probably 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Placed it under my foot and carved a small face in the sliver with my chainsaw. Probably took me about a minute to do it. It was very rough but you could definatly tell it was a woodspirit I even put the eyes in with the saw. When it was all over and the kids went back to class, the little girl said "excuse me Mr Partridge would you mind if I kept the carving. That susan meant more to me than any carving I have been commissioned for, that little girl who clutched that carving in her little hand and headed off to proudly show her class mates what I had given her. So I can really relate to Michael and how much that meant to you. BTW at recess that day I had to carve another half dozen little faces and only too happy to do so.
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        Re: A Little Life Moment

        Great story, Colin! And I bet you grinned through the 'another half dozen' carvings!

        Kenny, I have seen bookends like you are describing. In basket weaving they make reed bird houses then fold an old license plate in half to create the roof. Somehow I don't think people throw old license plates away ... they are like the old keys that get thrown in a box somewhere even though you know the lock is long gone.


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          Re: A Little Life Moment

          Colin, Great story and yes, that makes a man's/woman's day.
          Sometimes it is the little things that are the biggest moments.

          I use to set and admire the inside of myGrandpapa's garage as I think those tags were the only thing keeping the old garage together. But he had a slew full of them nailed on those old walls.

          The things we keep!


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            Re: A Little Life Moment

            "Well ... why, Susan, are you boring us all with this prattle???" .... I didn't say that, and I don't think anyone else would either... I dare them. Great reading <as usual>, Thanks Susan.


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              Re: A Little Life Moment

              Your observations are NEVER boring and ALWAYS thought provoking. Isn't it amazing that "times" have changed so much in our lifetime and now many things that were off limits for us girls just a few decades ago are now taken for granted. Even in my carving experience of almost 20 years, there were few women trying it in my neck of the woods. Now our little club has almost as many women as men.

              Thank you for sharing your AHA moment. It touched my heart and I envy you the joy of having that special moment with your hubby. If guys only knew how little it takes to make our hearts sing.


              And Colin, I can just vision you grinning and carving--just to make another child happy with the treasure you made for them.
              From Missouri