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Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

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    Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

    Hi Christine,
    I would love for us to get together next trip up.... This last trip was just a mad whirlwind of stuff we had to get done in as short a time as possible. I have an old girl friend from school days, living in Acworth, GA just n.w. of Atlanta and close friends living in Deluth also. We didn't get to visit with anyone this past time up. Actually, the last 3 trips up have ben an emergency of some kind but that shouldn't happen anymore......

    I have been through Delonaga before and it's a beautiful area too. We have been suffering mid 90 temps already this's going to be a long, hot summer..hate Florida, just hate it, hate it, hate it........ack. Can't wait to get out and move to the Mountains. Meeting folks that I know from the forum, is high on my list of things today.

    Charlotte, I understand.... We always want to look our best. But feeling good enough to carve is so importan to us as well. I hope you get your hand surgery soon. You have so many great santas to carve yet!


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      Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

      Wow, that spammer was a busy guy...... I got on my computer this morning to find 9 emails from woodcarving illustrated forum and so far, several of them were from this jerk. I'm glad the moderators were on top of it and by the time I checked here, the spam had been removed.

      I unsubscribe to threads after a while but missed a few and I wouldn't unsubscribe to this one since I started it.

      And since I've been brought back here by the spammer, I will take advantage of that and let everyone know that we still have mom and dad's place for sale in Brasstown, N. Carolina....5 minutes from the John C. Campbell Folk School.

      My brother and I have lowered the price on it. We don't want it sitting empty much longer. If anyone is interested, send me a private message and I will send details along.


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        Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

        Originally posted by Mitchell View Post
        Don't live too far from there myself, well I have a house in NC but work in I'm not sure WHERE I live.

        Beautiful area.

        Actually wished I could move back to the Raleigh area myself.....maybe one day.

        Good luck with selling the house!
        You live and work in sleep in NC! hehehe


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          Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

          Hi Brent,
          My brother lives in the Raleigh area.... Works for UNC State. He spent a bunch of years living half way up Mnt Pisgah, just outside Asheville. It was always an adventure to try and visit him....LOL. He got sick of trying to get back and forth to work in the winter so he transferred out East.

          I don't think he plans to stay out there after he retires though.... he might be trying to sell that place in the near future. Will check back with you if that happens.


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            Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

            Hi susieq,
            have you and your familythought about keepig the house as a rental property? You might even be able to work something out with JC Campbell. If you didn't want to manage it yourselves, you could turn it over to a Property management firm. My wife just went to work for a large property management frim in Hickory, NC and while your home would probaly be to far away for them , they might be able to give you some pointers, on how to go about this. Just a thought.


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              Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

              Hi Max,
              I had thought it would be nice to live up there and have a "hostel" for JC Campbell visitors/students. I like the area and although I wouldn't want to live in my parents house, simply because of all the memories, I would like to live in that area. I love the school. Mom was a "Friend" of the school. She donated regularly.

              Renting on a short term basis like that would be the only way we would do it. Nothing like getting stuck with bad renters, so short term is ideal. But we really hope to sell it if we can.

              My brother and I were talking over the situation last night and we agreed that we need to reduce the price again..... Right after we put it on the market, we got a lowball offer on it. At the time, it seemed ridiculous to us but in hindsight we sort of wished we had taken it seriously and tried to work with the person.

              It was appraised at $178,000 and we listed it for 165k to start because it does need a lot of stuff. Paint, new carpet, new kitchen appliances.... and the main bathroom needs redone. Everything works, it could be lived in while someone did these things but in a depressed market like we have right now...

              Anyhow, we reduced the price to 149k late last year. Part of our problem is also the realtor. She is young and not real experienced. She was a friend of a friend and we liked her. Not a good basis for doing business though. She is licensed for GA. To list this NC home, she had to work under a different broker in NC. But she lives in GA and I don't think she spends much time in our area....... when the listing expires this time (any week now, might already be expired, I have to check) We are going to work with someone new. Someone with ties to that area and who works out of a larger brokerage.

              My brother and I agreed that we would reduce it further, to 140k to try and get it sold...... with the newly reduced price and a new realtor, I hope to get it gone this year.

              I will certainly keep your idea in mind though... I appreciate it.


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                Re: Anyone looking to relocate to North Carolina?

                Unfortunately, not much is moving as far a real estate in the area - at any price.

                My sister just bought a place in the area - very near Murphy (NC) for WELL below value (1/3) to use as a retirement home....which is two years away for her. It had been on the market for some time. She went ahead because of the price and location even though the time isn't quite right. I didn't even know she was looking. Oh well.

                Hopefully you will find something that works out for you.
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