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  • Help with e-books

    I've just discovered audio books and have been checking them out from the library. It's so nice to hear a book while carving.

    Eddy Smiles recently told me about OverDrive Media and e-books. It allows you to download books directly to your computer.

    I was able to download the OverDrive Media Console but cannot install it on my laptop with Vista. I get this message. "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation."

    All the Googling and even posting a question on came up zero.

    Can anyone offer any suggesting or help me?

    Thank you.
    Ron T.

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    Re: Help with e-books


    I believe your problem is the security settings in Vista.

    Try this:

    Right click on the executable and select "run as Administrator" from the drop down menu. This should allow you to install the software - one article on this function can be found here:

    John Barnett's Windows Vista Support: Run As Administrator


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      Re: Help with e-books

      Hi Bill,

      Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, when I right click the mouse, the drop down menu does not include "run as administrator" as it does on .apps programs.
      Ron T.


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        Re: Help with e-books

        Hi Ron,

        My husband, the AT&T computer geek, said for you to give him a call, he'll see what he can do for you. The 'fix' that I had originally posted here for you won't work because it appears that there is an administrative account that has restricted you from doing that install. If it won't let you install a program, it sure as heck isn't going to let you change security settings.

        If it's a work computer, he can't help you, if it's your home computer then give him a call and he'll hook you up!

        I PM'd you his phone number, call anytime!