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Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

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  • Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

    Thanks to those of you who have emailed or pm'd me asking how I was doing because I haven't been here for a while. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and yes, I'm still around. Unfortunately, my left hand and knuckle have again swollen up 2-3 times it's normal size. Usually it only lasts a few days, but this has been going on for weeks. I'm guessing all the rain we've had here in PA has alot to do with it. Now, my right middle finger decided it also wanted to flare up. So, carving or doing anything artistic with my hands hasn't happened in a while.

    On the lighter side of life, since I can't use my creativity to carve or paint, I've been teaching myself to cook healthier. This past summer, I found up my mom's got Diabetes, as well as her twin brother. This was a real wake-up call for me to start eating healthier while I'm still relatively young. My kids were my biggest motivator in this endeavor. Plus, after reading how bad Diabetes can be, I knew it was something I'd rather prevent!

    The change has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me! It wasn't until I forced myself to start eating healthier (dropping more sugar and carbs, eating much more fruits and veggies) that I realized how bad I was actually feeling! The change in just 2 months has been amazing. Much more energy, dropped 11 pounds that snuck up on me this past year, and just feeling good overall. Also, got myself a treadmill, started yoga, started pilates, and am teaching myself to cook things I've never cooked before - like Asian meals. (so I guess I am getting to still be creative).

    Now that school's started, days are just flying by.

    I do hope to get back to carving sometime soon, but really need for my hand to get back to normal. Yes, I've seen every doctor and specialist out there. None have a true explanation as to why this is happening. All bloodwork and x-rays have come out normal. Guess I'm just an enigma!

    It's fun to be back, checking out other's work.


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    Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

    Welcome back Jillsy, sorry to hear about your health problems, hopefully you're on the mend.
    Great to hear that you're cooking and eating healthier, besides the good its doing for you, it sounds like you're having fun with it too.
    Once again, glad to have you back and good luck with your health.



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      Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

      Hang in there jillsy


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        Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

        Hope you get better real soon Jillsy !



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          Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

          SO very good to hear from you - finally. I'm glad to hear you're doing the healthy stuff and taking care of yourself. God bless you and your family's health.


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            Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

            Sorry to hear about your health problems, but the healthier cooking is a definite plus. Hang in there and you'll be back to carving in no time.


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              Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

              Hello Jillsy,
              So sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope they can find the cause soon. It is frustrating being unable to "name" a problem. Have they taken an ANA test for Lupus? Some forms of it seem to cause swelling.

              Glad to hear about your healthier way of living and eating.

              When it swells, you might try massage. Start by rubbing towards the fingertips to bring the blood down and then rub back up toward the heart. My aunt has an arm that swells from complications of cancer and this type of massage helped relieve the swelling in her arm.

              It certainly couldn't hurt.

              Keep us posted.


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                Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

                Thanks all!

                Yes, I've been tested for EVERYTHING! That's what's so strange about them not being able to label it. All bloodwork & x-rays are always normal. They took so much blood from me, it was like a life-time supply for Dracula. It also affects my wrists, shoulders, and lately, my knees. One doc thinks each thing is unrelated to the other, although he still couldn't give me a diagnosis.

                I've learned to live with it. At this point, I've had it over half my life so I just deal. It just gets scary/depressing to see it now in my fingers.

                Other than that, I'm doing great! I figure it was just time to try building myself stronger in other ways.


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                  Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

                  Glad you are doing better and will keep you in our prayers. God will get you through this.


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                    Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

                    Hi Jillsy! It is so good to hear from you! I am sorry to hear about your symptoms... I hope they figure it out so that they know what to do for it soon. Maybe a new doctor with fresh perspective is needed....

                    Congratulations on deciding to eat healthy and work It's easy to decide this but not so easy to stick to it. You get a gold star for doing it. You can prevent so many bad things by doing what you have done..... I do well in the healthy diet area, not so much in the working out department.
                    I hope you will be a regular on here again soon. But please, don't hesitate see different doctors if this swelling keeps on....
                    Good luck to you.


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                      Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

                      jillsy great to see ya back!! and i hope you get better soon..this is your season holidays!!! you do such great work in the holiday styles and i'll miss not seeing them!!

                      and that is great about cooking better and i'm glad to hear it's working well for you and wish you great success with it. great to see ya back take care and hope your back in the carving game soon!


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                        Re: Just stopping in to say "Hey!"

                        Jeez Jillsy,
                        Stop busting your knuckles on your hubby and don't give the other PA drivers the finger as much and you will be back to carving in no time!

                        Good for you on the diet. Diabebtes is no fun. I'm finally going on the pump. I'm afraid to drink a glass of water at 8 shots a day. I would look like a lawn sprinkler.

                        Take Care,