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  • New Year Wish

    It is 6 days into the New Year here in Aus and I think it might be past time to say a sincere thank you to each and every one of you that have taken the time to help, advise and teach me a thing or two about carving.
    I also wish to give thanks for all of your positive comments about the ridiculous number of carvings I have posted here since starting. Not one negative comment of any kind from any of you and that is a big help to a beginer I can tell you.
    Your tolerance for my slightly "off" Aussie sense of humour is also much appreciated. It scares me a little that some of you actually get it might I add .
    Here's to a prosperous, settled, happy, wood shavingy, no cuts or pokes joyfull New Year not just for you guys and gals but for the whole world.

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    Re: New Year Wish

    Back at you Rob! You are a welcome addition here. I love slightly off senses of humor, I guess because I'm kind of slightly off! Ok, maybe more than slight! You keep posting your carvings, I for one enjoy seeing them! May everyone have a great year and for that matter a great life!
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      Re: New Year Wish

      Right back at you. Have enjoyed getting to know you this past year. Keep your crazy critters coming because they always bring a smile to our face and a warmth to our heart.

      Safe Carving and God Bless,