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Oh How The World Has Changed !

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  • Oh How The World Has Changed !

    I usually dont get on these subjects .. but something yesterday struck me so clear .. it almost hit me in the face ..
    I went to my grandsons birthday party and it was in a home .. I took my 84 year old mother who is almost blind ..and as I walked in the house with her I noticed all the young kids and young people in their twenties sitting around the house .. Their young children around 4 or 5 years old sat in all the chairs too .. I stood there with my mother and waited for a moment and then looked around the room .. All the adults in their sixties or so were standing around and all the young people sat in the chairs .. I waited for awhile and would you believe not one young parent ask their kids to get up or offered themselves to get up and give my mother a seat !
    They all just sat there and and ignored her talking on their cell phones and laughing .. finally a woman in her fifities rose and offered my mother a chair .. I thanked her kindly .. sat my mother down and the lady and I both stood the whole party while the others sat .. I ask myself .. has the world really changed that much ?
    I looked around and remembered how when I was a kid .. if a old person would have walked in the house when I was a kid ..I knew to get up and give them my seat or my dad would have jerked me out of that chair and told me never to let it happen again .. I dont know .. we were just taught that .. even as a young man I was taught to give older persons a place to sit even if it meant me standing ... Iam not down on young people .. their only taught that way
    I dont mean to be on a soap box .. But I just realized this one thing
    Has anyone else noticed this much ? Or Am I just being too picky


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    Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

    Went to a 4th of July picnic last week. and seen the exact same thing. At one point I was told to go do something to myself lol. The language, arrogance and ignorance of the youth there was beyond explanation. Asked this kids(22) father if he minded if I had a talk with his son. I was told go ahead but if he kicks my butt don't come crying to him. I am ex biker and still look like one. I can be intimidating if i need to. Before the evening was over the kid found himself pinned against a tree with a 22 cal derringer up his nose and we had a real nice talk. His father shook my hand as we were leaving. I have a hard time dealing with this type of person. I don't go to many functions unless I know the people. Anna agrees with me about todays youth but doesn't like the way I handle it. She does't let me out much. I would rather sit and carve anyway.
    Sorry but this strikes a bad chord with me,


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      Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

      Yep, the times have changed that much. I too had a father that would give me a proper spanking for dis-respecting my elders (as well as a number of other wrongdoings), and I know many others who had the same upbringing. It's amazing that we grew up to become functioning, productive members of society.

      Today, it's politically incorrect to punish children for wrong doing. Instead, parents are taught to reason with children who have not yet learned to reason. I believe that these kids grow up to believe that they are not doing wrong, only acting in a manner that someone might have a differing opinion on, and that differing opinion probably does not matter.


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        Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

        people are just plain rude , gene, welcome to the new world of today,


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          Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

          Uh oh! Gene you just opened a can of worms.
          Goody your a baddie. I agree with both of you. Went to the doctors office for flu shot and it was packed. I walk with a cane and can't stand for more than 10 minutes. There was a frail older woman with a walker standing while a what seemed like 20 yr old with 3 sitting children and a man with a teenage son sat ignoring her. I was told to mind my own business. I had to leave before I got arrested. On the other hand, I find most people in a one on one setting will hold the door for me or ask if I need assistance loading the car. This comes from all ages and types. I was told its some kind of mob psychology thing where people tend to take action more easily alone than be judged by the crowd. Lot of bull if you ask me.
          Bill K.
          Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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            Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

            This is all sad but true. The word that escapes kids today, respect. They want it but do not realize that they have it earn it by showing respect. They no longer know how to say thank you. Schools have taught them that they need to be rewarded for making an effort. At my step-sons school, they get rewarded with pizza parties when they score good on tests.
            Just the other day, I took my step-son and a girlfriend to a party. When I dropped them off neither of them said thanks for the ride. They had a long walk home.


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              Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

              It's not the kids fault at all, it's the parents fault for not teaching their children to be polite! The same goes for people not holding a door open or just not helping others in general.



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                Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                I was taught to respect my elders and my kids have been taught that also.I have to brag,they have done good.I have some health issues and can barely walk with a cane and use an electric chair alot.You would be surprised at the kids who will offer help to me at times.One example,I went to a softball game and had my wheelchair on a trailer,some boys with some pants down behind their knees,heavy metal playing and they were playing basketball stopped their game and came and helped unload my wheelchair.There are some good ones out there.Tony


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                  Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                  Gene, You see that more and more these days. It is like every one owes them something.

                  Nuff said!


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                    Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                    I agree with all of you kids (for the most part) don't have respect, few even know what it means.
                    Bill, you mentioned it's politically incorrect to spank kids today (the worlds view) and people think they should reason with them. Here's how I reason with my kids:
                    ME: It's time to help with the yard work, let's go.
                    KIDS: How come we have to help?
                    ME: Ok, You have a choice, mow the yard with the mower or get on your hands and knees and cut the grass with scissors, the choice is yours.

                    What a nice mowed yard we have. The secret, they know it's not just a threat.


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                      Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                      It is sad but we must remember that those kids were raised by our kids. I'm not making excuses for bad behavior just pointing out that not all the fault lies with them. While our own children sometimes don't especially care for us voicing our opinion on their childrens actions I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


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                        Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                        I have to admit I see this type of behavior and tend to stay away from crowds as much as possible but I also notice that 80% of the teenagers are polite and try to be helpful. I wish the media would give as much attention to the young that do good as they do to the negative ones


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                          Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                          Originally posted by Mid-West Whittler View Post
                          The secret, they know it's not just a threat.
                          That's the ticket - follow through. I raised my son on the 1,2,3 rule - If I had to count to three, he got a swat on the behind - always. It didn't take long before all I had to do was say "one" and he straightened up.

                          "Time out" in a room filled with toys, games and TV's is a pretty poor incentive to do what's right.


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                            Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                            When I arrive in the parking lot of my little church at least a couple of kids will arrive to open the door of my vehicle and see if I have anything they can carry for me. Another child will be holding the front door open for me..... all of them full of smiles and polite greetings for "Miss Goff". When I supply anything I am thanked over and over.
                            The same happens in reverse when I leave opening doors for this old lady.
                            This just reinforces what Tony said -- There are good kids out there. Good kids because they have received good training.


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                              Re: Oh How The World Has Changed !

                              Growing older results in many things including the feeling that the world is going to hell and the next generation is doomed. A few years ago I received an education in the generation gap.

                              In the “good old summertime” David, Sunnie, our two grand-daughters (Shaundra-13 and Katie-7), grand-sons (Corwin-13 and Random-12) were with us for a couple of weeks. It was like being caught in some frenetic, non-stop video game. When they weren’t eating (usually combined with other activities), riding (lawn tractor, tractor, 4 wheeler), driving my farm pickup (two older ones), they appropriated the available computers (3 of them).

                              At least, I assured myself, they were also interacting. Maybe there is hope after all! Turns out all of them were on-line playing the same video game. Also, helping each other out, by shouting instructions, back and forth, from different rooms. Working together. Very loudly. But, that’s still nice. Kinda!

                              I decided to try and commune with this youngest generation, “Who’s winning?”

                              Chorus, “you don’t win or lose!”

                              No winning or losing? Not exactly what I had pictured for this generation. "What about death and destruction?”

                              Chorus, “Nope. None!”

                              The kids have gone beyond winning and losing, greed and power, death and destruction. There really is hope for them after all. They are ready for the future. Well, now, that’s something to warm an old grandpa’s heart.

                              They had returned to ignoring me when Shaundra broke ranks, “Want to play?”
                              Sure. Why not? Get into their world. Relate to this generation. Help them develop, “Ok, so, what’s the objective of the game?” I asked.

                              Chorus, “to play it.”

                              Relating is harder than I anticipated. “OhhhKaaay! So what happens in the end,” I resorted to a different tactic.

                              Chorus, “nothing!”

                              Hunh??? “Then what the hell do you get out of all of this activity?”

                              Chorus, “to play the game.”

                              I went off mumbling to myself, “to play the game? What in the hell happened to the brain’s pleasure center. Maybe winning, losing, greed, death, destruction wasn’t so bad after all. At least that made some morbid kind of sense.”

                              Then I gave it the “old college try.” Decided to inject a work ethic into the evolutionary process as the chorus made a plea, “Can we ride the 4 wheeler now.”
                              I admonished them, “Everything in life is not free. Some things you have to earn.

                              Riding a 4 wheeler is one of those things.”
                              Chorus, “What do we have to do?”

                              There were a lot of rocks in the driveway (300 feet of them!) that I had been meaning to pick up while Diana drove the tractor. “Well, if y’all help me pick up the rocks in the driveway, you can ride the 4 wheeler.”

                              Chorus, “Let’s go do it now!”

                              Enthusiasm! I like that.

                              I got on the tractor, lowered the front-end loader bucket, and the future hope of the world started to work. Things went well……..for the first 15 feet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love bells. I have always related to Quasimodo (not physically, only his love of the bells, even if his love did lead to deafness). Diana loves antique stores, except for the fact that I feel compelled to ring each bell that I find (at least she can keep track of me that way).

                              But, let me tell you, my Frien's; when the younger generation learns that rocks thrown with great force, against the steel of a front-end loader, will result in sound waves approaching the decibel level of a shotgun firing, and when the designer of this “lesson in work ethic” is in direct line with the sound effects, earning the right to ride a 4 wheeler becomes dependent on finishing the job in a manner that results in face-saving for the older generation.

                              My Esmerelda became the peace of the carving porch.

                              “Generation gap hell. Must be a new species evolving.”