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    Re: future of forums

    Hi Tom,
    amen to not answering the phone unless you know the caller..... Caller ID is the best invention since sliced bread. We're on the "do not call list" but still get the occasional telemarketer. The best thing you can do, if their phone number comes up on the ID, is to go to the "do not call list" website and report them. There are heavy fines for violators..... It only takes a few seconds to report them on line. I just started doing this. It makes me feel a bit like a grumpy old person but I absolutely hate telemarketers and will not tolerate it if I can do something about it. We're on the do not call list for a good reason....

    As for the cell phone...LOL, my husband has to remind me to turn mine on. Only 2 people have the number to it. Hubby and the daughter who lives in the area. This is a great technology gone wrong..... I love staying in touch with friends by email and instant messaging but texting while driving is for idiots. Texting every thing you are doing, every minute of the day means you have a pathetic life. Go do something worth while, for heavens sake!


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      Re: future of forums

      Had been a PC user all the way back to the first IBM 8086 running DOS then as the PC progressed moved into the Windows world. Somewhere along the line began to think a Apple of some sort may be the way to go. Well, after all those years, a couple of months ago I purchased an iPad 2 and thought ‘where have I been’ (this is being typed on my Windows XT system though as I’m wide awake at this wee hour). Anyway, the Windows XT is my WiFi base which allows me to be mobile at home with a signal strength that reaches at least to the workshop. Great! The workshop is approx. 70 feet away from the house and not having cable over there I take my iPad along and bingo Internet hook up. It’s going to be nice to be working on a carving and being able to stay linked to WCI forums, e-mail, or read an article in iBooks, while I relax with a cup of coffee, as I prepare for another attack on the wood.

      Keep thinking a MAC (if I can ever make the budget) would be great to replace the current PC.

      You all have a great day.

      Patrick trying to get sleepy before sunup.


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        Re: future of forums

        Haha... when you went to sleep, I had to get up because I couldn't sleep no more...

        Been a PC user since the beginning, and my first computer before that was assembled from a kit. Being in Electronics, I always liked to modify my PCs myself and make my own programs.

        In the end, I switched to a portable computer and I stopped playing with the "hatdware", amd became only a user.

        When I retired, I switched to a Mac and an iTouch for the music and the applications. A few weeks ago, I bought my first Android cell phone. I discovered the fun of drinking a coffee in a shopping center and using THEIR internet to access the forums with my cell phone...

        Anyway, all that to say that I have no merit of being able to follow the technology a bit more than those who didn't start younger. It was part of my job.

        Facebook is using the Android technology to keep people updated on their cell phones so they can read and post messages from their cell phones. So the format of their web pages is adapted to the screens of the cell phones. And it is an application on the cell phone that does the refresh of the messages automaticaly on the screen of my Android cell phone.

        A funny thing is that there are so many cell phone users that use songs or strange sounds for their ringing that I decided to use the sound of a plain old telephone on my cell phone... Now I know when it is MY cell phone that is ringing



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          Re: future of forums

          Paul,I totally agree with you,I purchased a cell phone about five years with not other gadgets and still have it. I call anybody I want,say "hello" when somebody calls me and that's that. My wife purchase a new cell phone that has everything but the "kitchen sink",is always" needling "me to get with the program and buy a new cell phone with all the "goodies" including a camera. All I can to that is,"that's why I purchased a good camera",oh well it sure is good to stay old fashion n and live my dreams.


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            Re: future of forums

            I often use my iPhone to access the WCI forum. I can check the forum from anywhere. I check the forum from the doctors office, it sure beats the magazines there. The last time I flew I posted on this forum from 30,000 feet. Some airlines offer WiFi now for $7. It sure helps to make the time pass. I know gadgets aren't for everyone, but I would be lost without mine. I seldom use it for a phone, I use it more for a handheld computer. It's amazing what these phones can do today.
            This was posted from my iPhone :-)