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Creativity Crisis

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    Re: Creativity Crisis

    This works for me but probably because I'm fairly new to carving.
    I've developed a style I'm comfortable with because it seems to come easily to me. That's the problem for me. It's like working on an assembly line and just doing the same motions over and over again. It gets boring after a while.
    Here's what I do. I check out carvings here and find some that I admire but am afraid to try because "I could never do that". I force myself to try some different style and you know what? I "can" do that! This gives me a confidence to incorporate some of that "new" style into my "old" style and opens up new avenues for me. I can do more things and that gets my creative juices flowing.
    This works for me. It's just one of the many good ideas I've read in this thread. I hope you can find one and keep carving. (send everyone to bed early, say around noon?)