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Calling all Young Carvers

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  • Calling all Young Carvers

    The discussion in this thread, got me to thinking now fun it would be to actually see how many young woodcarvers are out there ,(active on the forum anyway.)

    Let's call a "young carver" someone who is 40 or younger, just to get things started.

    So, I'll start it off. I'm 24 and started carving about when I was 14, I started going to shows and taking classes in 2005. Woodcarving is my life, and I'm trying to make it my livelihood.

    1. Dylan Goodson (24)
    2. BobD (34)
    3. W.duBois (27) Netherlands
    4. Midnight Carver (38)
    5. Tobey (40)
    6. Mark Dellinger's cousin's son (9)
    7. mtngoat (32)
    8. WoodcarverDave (41)
    9. cburnett (14)
    10. jvera (28) Puerto Rico
    11. Blake Lunsford (37)
    12. Curtis The Carver (27)
    13. Lonewolfcarver (41)
    14. CarverFromNoWhere (21)
    15. CarverFromNoWhere's younger brother (18)
    16. Mark Dellinger's son Jacob (19)
    17. brianrickman (39)
    18. buffymaynard
    19. Sharon of the Dell's grandson (15)
    20. Sharon of the Dell's grand daughter (10)
    21. Sharon of the Dell's grandson (8)
    22. Howie (28)
    23. Hohenems (33)

    I'll edit this list as more young carvers post.

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    Re: Calling all Young Carvers

    I'm 34...but with three little ones I don't have much time to carve. But I'll always be doing my part to promote carving!!!



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      Re: Calling all Young Carvers

      Good iniative mate.

      I'm Walter, 27, Netherlands. I try and carve a few hours every day. Not sure what kind of box I fit in as a woodcarver but I am a jack of all trades. If I have a log, I'll make a chainsaw carving. If I have a burl, I'll make a bowl. If I have a stick, I'll make a cane. See my signature for my Youtube channel or WCI gallery.
      I am trying to make a living out of this, or part-time at least..

      Hope some more ppl show up. I will mail the ones that I saw in the Not many younger carvers. topic.


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        Re: Calling all Young Carvers

        Well I just made the cut off, but if I can be called young, I'll take it!
        I'm 38, been carving about a year and a half. It started off as just a way to quietly relax after the family went to bed, but I have recently decided to start taking it a little more serious (only a little though...still mostly want to relax). I have been getting 2-3 nights a week where I carve for about 3 hours.
        Actually I had started when I was 23, and only carved for a few months. I lost interest because I had noone else to carve/talk with. My poor tools spent the next 14 lonely years collecting dust in the basement. After quitting work to become a stay-at-home dad is when the need for after hours relaxation came up. I was glad I still had my tools, they really helped me keep my sanity.



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          Re: Calling all Young Carvers

          I am glad you decided to ask this question now because in september I will be an "old carver".
          But, for now I am a young carver at 40.
          I just started carving this last Nov/Dec.
          I get to carve for 1-2 hours two or three times a week or so. It varies a bit while working around my job, snow shoveling, wife, snow shoveling, kids, more snow shoveling.
          I hope that once spring comes and I'm not doing so much shoveling I will finally have time to go to the weekly carving class in my area as well as attend a local club meeting now and again.
          But then again, the porch needs fixin' and garage needs paintin' and lawn will need mowin'.

          I'll just learn to carve as I have the time to for now and see how it goes.
          I like it a lot.


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            Re: Calling all Young Carvers

            Originally posted by Tobey View Post
            I get to carve for 1-2 hours two or three times a week or so. It varies a bit while working around my job, snow shoveling, wife, snow shoveling, kids, more snow shoveling..
            Hey Tobey, you know that snow is a pretty good medium to carve if you have enough of it. Which it sounds like you do, and it can be worked pretty quickly, but is has an annoying habit of melting.



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              Re: Calling all Young Carvers


              Great thread. It does an "old man's" heart good (at 47) to see all of you young whipper snappers out here showing us up.LOL. He is not a part of the forum, but my cousins son at 9 is a carver and it is a joy to see his entusiasm. I think in reality carving keeps us all young at heart.

              Safe carving and God Bless,



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                Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                i'm not that yough at 47 but my body is old[ disabled with a lot of health problems] 8 months ago had my truck fell on my head broke my jaw in 2 places and tore my shoulder out so i'm out for a bit to i get it fixed i wish there was sum young kids around that wanted to learn some things that it took me 40+ years to learn but i enjoy getting on here and seeing what others are doing and trying to help when i can if u want to look at some of my work [chipmunks chips] at the gallery on this site safe carvin to all


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                  Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                  Checking in at 31 soon to be 32 (March)
                  I started carving when I was little, never pursued it until about 3 yrs ago when the misses told me I had to stop giving her sharp sticks. She wanted something else so here I am.


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                    Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                    Hey Dylan,
                    I'm 41 now but started carving when was 36.


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                      Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                      I'm 14 just gettin started. Still tryin to get wood and so on I live in OK.


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                        Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                        Just registered to participate in this thread. I found quiet interesting the original thread which I saw on facebook. I'm 28 now, been carving for 3 years. Love it, is my passion and my therapy. Still it seems just like I thought the biggest challenge for "younger" carvers it's just TIME! I live in Puerto Rico and also here it's the same, most carvers I know are 55+ , the youngest after me is 38. Most which got into carving after they retired. Oh well, nice forum overall. Now that I registered I'm going to enjoy it to its fullest.


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                          Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                          As someone in their mid-60's I think this topic borders on age discrimination! Personally, I would much prefer seeing a list starting with the Oldest Carver vs. one made up of those in the middle age category. After all, we don't get older we just get better. If that can't be done then maybe I'll just have to start such a list myself and maybe call it "The Almost Over The Hill Gang". We could start at 100 years and work down. Anyone older than that would automatically be elected President. Once we got organized we'd then call you youngsters out and show you some real whittlin'!!!


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                            Re: Calling all Young Carvers

                            The point of this thread is to show that there are younger folks getting involved in carving...that it's not a dying art. Perhaps you should read the link Dylan referred to in his first post.


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                              Re: Calling all Young Carvers


                              I'm 37 but started when I was about 32. I think this is a great thread....there are more of us out here then most people think. I think in the club I am going to now it is split down the middle. There are just as many over 60 as there are under 40. As for the talent, I think it is pretty well equal....don't really think it has anything to do with age. Good thread Dylan!