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    Any one have knowledge of the value of old silver dollars. I did a google search but all the answers were a bit vague. I have an 1889 and two 1924 all are tarnished

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    Re: coin collectors

    I have several "Morgan" Silver dollars myself with an unknown value. It is not clear to me as to how to get a fair appraisal of them either.
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      Re: coin collectors

      Bring them to those Pawn Star dudes. They'll promptly notice the terrible condition/rarity/authenticity, then offer you a fraction of what they're really worth. Whatever they offer, double it (at least), and you'll have your value.

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        Re: coin collectors

        Look in your phone book for a numismatic exchange dealer. They will give you a fair appraisal.


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          Re: coin collectors

          Try and eBay search- compare the quality of your coin to the ones up for auction, and notice the BID price- not the buy it now price, or the reserve with no bids. I find ebay to be a pretty fair way to price items I'm not knowlegable of. while the buyers there are looking for bargains, it is a n open market.
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            Re: coin collectors

            hi, most silver $ are just worth the silver $32oz. BUT some of the '21 and CC are worth more it depends on rare- condition the tarnish don't hurt the value if u call a coin dealer they will give u 80% of the value [if u lucky] my mom took some silver 1/2's-$ to the local coin shop and she didn't know what she had without letting me go though them and pick the dates out that was worth more and she sold them for oz. price 32.50 some of the other dates are worth more but not looking at my book that's the only 2 things i can remember[u know old man's disease] depressing years r more,'21,CC,W,S there more
            call littleton coin co and they will send u a mag. free for what they get for coins by yrs. and grade very,good fair ect to give u a idea but u maynot get there prices for yours unless they been graded by GNC
            hope this helps


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              Re: coin collectors

              Thanks everyone for the replies


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                Re: coin collectors

                any silver coin before 1964 is worth 8 1/2 times face value minamum