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  • Mitre Drop saws

    Hi Guys,
    It's been a while since I have posted so I thought I might share my thoughts on a new toy.
    Not long ago I purchased a Makita LS1216L 305MM Compound slide Mitre Drop Saw. I researched mitre drop saws as best I could over the net but kept coming back to the Makita.

    What a great saw this is. My aging (30 year plus) DeWalt 12'' Radial Arm saw needed replacing but now in retirement I was not keen to put out $4000 or there abouts for a new one and the drop saws seemed to be able to do most of what my radial arm saw could do for less than 25%of the cost.

    Stepping up to the 16" saw the Makita cost me just on $1000 and already I am loving the extra inches. Cutting through 4 1/2 " squares like butter is great. Straight out of the box I was cutting accurately and fast Mitre cuts were more easy and faster completed than my radial arm.
    And how good is the laser light. Having the precise line that I am going to cut (as opposed to lining up a pencil line by eye) is a real benefit.

    I found the drop saw a little messy cutting multiple pieces compared with the radial arm saw as the bits tend to move about a bit unless clamped down.

    There are other Drop Saws out there just as good as the Makita and my intention is not to advertise it but for all of you out there just wondering about a slide drop mitre saws, don't hold back. For the money you get a great tool which will do almost as much a radial arm at fraction of the cost.


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    Re: Mitre Drop saws

    Got a 12" and wouldn't be without it. Umm..12" saw that is...


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      Re: Mitre Drop saws

      little side note, check the positive stops every few months I use 4 of these saws, great extremely accurate, one thing is though, don't always think bigger is better the smaller the blade the more accurate the saw 10" makita mitre is easily the most accurate saw I've used. (mind you 12" is nice at times)

      oh and don't trust the laser! it's only really accurate to a 16th of an inch, which I'll admit is far better then dewalts.