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    what would help me a lot is when i go to my profile I can see the threads i recently posted in. If that is available now I cant find it.

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    I moved your thread to the Publisher Feedback as I think it's a better place to get more info about the forum. The Author Questions forum is for asking authors of articles questions about their articles.

    If I understand your question correctly, you want to be able to see previous messages that you have posted? It might be possible, but we'll have to wait for BobD to tell us. In the meantime, here's one way to see all your own messages: Go to any thread where you have either started the thread or just commented on someone else's thread. The way to tell if you have commented or not is to look at the right end of the thread title. If you see a little green box with a white check mark in it, that means that you have posted to the thread. Open the thread and find you previous post. Click on your username and a little pulldown menu will popup. One of the options on this menu is Find All s By (username). Click this, and the forum server will show you a list of all messages you have posted.

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      Re: last post

      I you go to your profile and click on statistics you can look at threads you started and ones you replied to.
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