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  • Question About Posting?

    Does anyone have any idea why my pictures I posted are not being able to enlarge them. When I posted them I had to reduce them to thumbnail size for web display or it said they were to large to post. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if it is because I have to enlarge everything so much for me to see it or what. Once I reduced them I can't see them at all. Ron

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    Re: Question About ing?

    I've just barely figured out how to post a link to a picture, haven't managed to actually post a picture yet! Someone will help us both here shortly I'm sure, and one of us (not me!) will understand!
    I'll tackle it some morning when I have the whole day ahead of me!


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      Re: Question About ing?

      Ron- while i'm not a computer whiz i think what you need to do is try repost your original picture,and when you get the error message it should tell you that your picture is above certain deminsions.take note of these deminsions and go to your photo editor and reduce your picture to this size and attach to your message.i think the message board software will automaticly post a thumnail which can then be enlarged by the viewer.hope this helps

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