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  • Message of hope.

    Just want to offer prayers and support to our American cousins, during their time of terrible devestation in the South. The magnitude of the loss is impossible for me to comprehend.....I can just offer hope and prayers that the survivors may be kept safe and recover their lives eventually and that those lost find peace and their reward in a better place.

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    Re: Message of hope.


    I believe that everyone on the forum echoes your prayers of hope. I believe that it may also be appropriate to extend those same prayers to everyone who is watching this tragedy either on TV, through the newspapers or over the net.

    We may not know there names but they are our brothers, sisters and friends. Such devistation effects everyone is our world, just like 9-11 and the Tsunami.

    It is so devestating for Mike and I to sit through the day watching and knowing beyond sending the Red Cross another check there is truely nothing we can do to help.

    I know that writing a check to our favorite charity and giving blood are tangible things we can do ... but ... they seemed so far removed and so little when what we really want to do is go get a boat and get in there with all of the courageous rescuers.


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      Re: Message of hope.

      I kept thinking the same thing while at work today, way up here at about 2,000 feet above sea level where life goes on as normal and routine where less than a days drive away there is so much suffering. Other than the few things that we can do, as Susan noted, sometimes I almost feel guilty because I can't do more while being so blessed in my own life.

      Although I try I just can't imagine what it would be like to enter the next day where my life as I knew it no longer existed and probably would never again be the same. During any natural disaster my heart lies mainly with the elderly and the children for which such an experience can do so much damage.

      Everyone please keep your prayer lines open and remember those in need a year from now, not just tomorrow. It's hard to accept now but this too shall pass and a new day of hope will come. After all, we are American's.
      Dave Brock


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        Re: Message of hope.

        If you want, you can donate on line to the Red Cross on thier web site.