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Harold Enlow article... taken from book

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  • Harold Enlow article... taken from book

    I don't know about you, but when I buy a book and see an article in a mag that uses projects from the book I just bought, I feel cheated...

    That's how I felt when I bought the last WCI mag today. The whole Witch Project from the book is in there, and I noticed it is not the first time it happens.

    Maybe that it's to help sell the Study Sticks???

    I am really wondering what's the point of doing that.


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    Re: Harold Enlow article... taken from book

    Hi Gilles,

    I'm sorry you feel cheated. Fox Chapel stands behind all of our products and you are welcome to return any product for a refund.

    The purpose of running the article in the magazine is to promote the book and study sticks. The magazine reaches many more people than our catalog can ever hope to reach. By running the article in the magazine, we hope to give folks a true representation of the material contained in the book - so they can use that information to decide whether or not they want to purchase the book.

    Over the next few years, we do plan on running most of the Enlow projects that appear in the book in the magazine... so in reality, if you want to wait for 2+ years, you'll have all the projects from the book. The book has the benefit of having them all collected in one place, and there's no waiting.

    The study sticks have the how-to included in a booklet - and have the added benefit of the actual 3-D study stick that you can refer to.

    To return the book for a refund, please contact customer service at 800-457-9112 or [email protected].


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      Re: Harold Enlow article... taken from book

      Not frustated enough to send my book back...

      At least I know now why you do it... I just see it another way.