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Withdrawl symptoms!

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  • Withdrawl symptoms!

    Sorry folks, but I need a fix!!! I'm having withdrawl symptoms! Restlessness, edgy, pent-up, nervous energy, can't sit or lay still, down-right cranky, hard to live with!!! I haven't carved all week! No WIP to report on the model, no burnings, no canes, no knots, no reliefs, no dragons, no .....nothing! Head Bange

    Dismantled the ship modelling display, trucked it home and it wore me out.....(that and baby sitting a 4 year old for a few days). Too sore to lift a blade, too weak to power carve, my shop too disorganized to find anything. I can't handle confusion. Maybe next week will be better, I'll get re-organized, re-juvinated and re-covered.

    I didn't realize carving could be so addictive. Wonder if there is a CA (Carvers Anonymous) hall around here? (No disrespect intended to the AA folks)

    Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.

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    Re: Withdrawl symptoms!

    Take a well deserved rest! In a few days you'll be deep in your next project...don't push yourself til then! Just because we can hardly wait to see your next one isn't reason for you to get out of your chair right now and carve!


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      Re: Withdrawl symptoms!


      Wade's right--take a break. But while you're resting, do some rough sketches for one or more of those ideas you've had tucked away. Then you'll be ready and raring to go back to carving, burning, sawing, oh my! Building, rigging, painting, oh no!!!--WHAT HAVE I DONE! I'VE CREATED A MON--STER!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

      This Public Service Brought to you by Another Bob (No Relation)


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        Re: Withdrawl symptoms!

        I must say that I did miss your weekly WIP update this round but I'd consider it perfecly normal to just put the chisels down for a while... heck, carving and modeling is suppost to be relaxing so just wait until the urge hits again and it will.

        I was gone all of last week to an educators conference on the North Carolina beach and got out just as Ophelia was begining to hover just off the coast. I managed to get several carvings done and was looking forward to posting them this weekend but instead of having the signs of carving withdrawal, I just can't seem to get motivated enough to take the pictures and post them just yet so talking here a bit might just be the help that I need.

        Hang in there Bob!
        Dave Brock


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          Re: Withdrawl symptoms!

          I know the feeling. I spent a month carving 40 chip carved crosses that my daughter casually asked me to do. They are for my granddaughter's christening. She knew I would'nt refuse. Boring!!!! It takes about 50 minutes each and I kept telling myself its a labor of love. I'm all carved out. My saving grace is that I'm taking a Stu Martin seminar in a few weeks and I decided to spend the time sharpening my tools.
          Bill K.

          By the way my name is Bill and I'm a carvaholic.
          Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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            Re: Withdrawl symptoms!

            Bob we all know where your coming from sometimes the pressures of life get in the way of what we really would like to do. Unfortunatly because we are who we are we tend to put aside what pleases us most for our friends and family and that is ok. Now you have gone through all that this week take time for Bob I am sure your family will understand and would insist that you do that. I know that we will see you back on track next week and we will enjoy seeing the progess. Take care my friend
            Jim - The Doing is as much fun as the Viewing!
            Jackson, MS