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  • Just a quick note

    Because we had a large project arrive in studio on Monday I will be off the forum for quite awhile. Everyone enjoy the great sharing of new projects, ideas, and techniques that you all do that keeps your forum the best on the net.


    Art Designs Studio:

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    Re: Just a quick note

    Susan ,

    I hope the project goes well! And I hope it is something to enjoy and not just work on! !!!!

    Hurry Back when you can .



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      Re: Just a quick note

      You can't do that to us! We need you!
      Wishing you the best on your project. Hurry back!


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        Re: Just a quick note

        I am probably too late Susan you are more than likely gone by now if not good luck we sure will miss you but I understand how this message board can get in the way I should be working right now but I am addicted to this silly message board.
        Jim - The Doing is as much fun as the Viewing!
        Jackson, MS


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          Re: Just a quick note

          While on the one hand I greatly appreciate your good wishes for the continuation of sharing here on the board, I will sorely miss your detailed and in-depth discussions AND your eager willingness to offer your great knowledge to all. You helped me so much when I was carving the dragon, the green man, and others. For someone who has been on the board for such a short time you sure have unselfishly shared many volumes of information and made your mark which speaks volumes of the kind of person you are. Gosh, it was YOU who brought the WIP's (works in progress) to the board which is one of the best additions ever! Geez... this is sounding too much like an obituary so I'll try to brighten it up just a bit!

          Second try: I know that we'll all miss having your valued input and can only hope that your new project will move along smoothly, quickly, and successfully. I too had to leave the board for a couple of months this summer but when my my life slowed down a bit the right time had come to peek back in again. There I go again sounding like another obituary!

          Third try: Good luck, have fun, be safe, keep your blades sharp, and hurry back!!!

          P.S. I'm hoping that the "new" project in studio is the writing of a new carving book. If so then I wait in steadfast anticipation!!!! (Like you would say, "Imagine me sitting here with my teeth clinched and fingers crossed.)
          Dave Brock


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            Re: Just a quick note

            Susan, I hope you're like me, when I'm too busy to post, I sneak in here and at least take a peek at what everyone else is up to. If so, I hope you're reading how much we'll miss your expert advice, humor and photos of your beautiful work!

            Best wishes on the new project, we all can't wait to see and/or hear, what it is! Take care, talk to you later! Callynne